Friendship from a plastic Coca-cola bottle

A friendship formed from a plastic Coca-cola bottle

Last Sunday we decided to walk to find the “white church” that has unusual architecture.
Well – we walked right past it – as it is now painted grey!
But we did find a kids playground with a cement wave slide.
It is filled with traditional and local folk.
We see the wave slide. My son was scared, so I said I would show him it is no big deal.
Next thing my son was on there in a flash and flying above the bumps.
He is still wearing his hat, which cracks me up!

Then a boy offers him a flattened soft drink bottle.
It makes him go down twice as fast.
They play happily for over 1 hour.
Language is no barrier.

Then they change games.
The Coke bottle is still used for speed.
But the first boy stands 2/3rds up the slide and has to slide and hit the held out jacket.
This then goes over his head, and he slides down blind!

They play for so long.  There are red faces and exhaustion.

The friendship is formed.
My son and Juan Daniel.

Mates. Bolivia and Australia.
Now we are down to business.
Time to hit the games tables.
It soon becomes Bolivia vs Australia.
This goes on and on.
They get 3 tokens for 1 Bolivianos. (There are 7 Bolivianos to the US/AU $1).
It is late afternoon, and we have not yet had lunch.
We organize for the boys to play again.
I love how this friendship was all formed from the offering of a plastic flattened Coke bottle!
Simple pleasures of life!

Note: We have now seen Juan Daniel and his mother 2 more times.
They brought us traditional and really lovely souvenirs – treasured memories forever!

We will miss you!!!  You are just the loveliest boy Juan Daniel 🙂

  • Questions and Comments
    Are you a family that permanently travels around the world?
  • Do you travel with your child?
  • Does it scare you that the worlds diversified cultures might corrupt your child’s innocence?
  • How is your child’s social life?
  • How do you ensure your child does not shy away or feel intimidated by people?
  • Do share your comments with us below.


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