THANK YOU To All Who Gave To Help Feed Poor Kenyan Families

©Exploramum and Explorason – fresh fruit is an important nutrition for kids

Children ran on the streets rolling tires with sticks, as our tuk-tuk bumped through the dusty dry laneways.

Today is our last day in Diani Beach Kenya, and I promised many of you, that we would distribute food to needy families here, and some of you kindly gave towards this.

A lot of you have donated to various acts of kindness we have done here, and this is one of them.

©Exploramum and Explorason – some of the kids with their single Mum

I’d plan to start distribution during the main part of this last weekend, but problems arose.  We had a rather rough start after I had an accident with a door bolt on the weekend, slicing my toe really badly and ending with me at the hospital.

After that, I required quite a lot of work on the toe from a doctor at a medical clinic too. Then problems really started!  I’ve been rather incapacitated after a severe allergy to a pain relief that had opiates that sent me sky-high and giving me a revolting migraine, nausea, and an inability to even walk or stand.

But today I felt much better today, and after seeing the doctor and having the toe treated and dressed, I felt raring to go.

And that was a good thing as we were running out of time.

©Exploramum and Explorason – passing out fruit and vegetables

Ordering the Fruit and Vegetables

I stopped by the local greengrocer who offers a fair price and good merchandise.  We ordered bags of good quality fruit and vegetables and divided them up evenly.

We knew we wanted to touch specific lives of struggling people we had come to know over the past three months in this area.

We Sadly Missed A Family In Need

Our first search was for the ‘wood-carving family’, but on arrival, the hut was gone and the other area boarded up and they were nowhere to be seen. That really threw me as I didn’t have any spare days to go hunting for them, and they were top of my list as a family in need.

Single Mum With Eight Kids

After several attempts to find the family, we gave up, and so we grabbed a tuk-tuk and went to the lady who has eight children. Turns out her sister has died and she is raising her daughter also.  I won’t lie, the place was in a terrible state, and clothes everywhere. I think she was just overwhelmed, and it showed.

We gave her the food outside, with instructions it was to feed the family and not to be sold.  She was REALLY grateful, and the kids all had colds, so we kind of kept our distance a bit there!

©Exploramum and Explorason – Jimmy is a street seller we have become friends with

Next was Jimmy

Jimmy is a street souvenir seller, and I’d found him asleep under a tree the three times I passed today.  I was told he had been drinking and he denied it, but Jimmy brightens our day – every day.  He is the most enthusiastic guy ever!  And I wanted to bless his family. Jimmy has kids but I am not sure if there is a woman around.

So we pulled him aside from the other sellers and spoke in private, and gave him the bags of fruit and vegetables for himself and his kids etc.

Jimmy was pretty sad we were leaving, and I had a chat with him about what happens if the election goes bad and how he has to survive.  I hope he remembers the conversation!

©Exploramum and Explorason – Jimmy didn’t want us to leave – he was a bit clingy but appreciated the food

We had a few others we’ve also given food to, but no photos to share. We needed to respect their requests for privacy, and we always ask if we can take photos too.

Juma’s Village Family

Lastly, we had Juma.  Juma is the ‘Madafu‘ coconut seller. On a good day he might sell two coconuts, and on a really flash day he sells five, but that is rare.  At 40 cents to $1 a piece, Juma doesn’t make a lot to feed his family.

©Exploramum and Explorason – Juma in the village at his house

We found Juma in our lane right at the end of our afternoon so he was our ‘lucky last’. Juma often waits hours to try to sell me a coconut, and today there he was.  He is really sad we are leaving as I buy a LOT from him and he needs the money to support his family.

So we piled him into the tuk-tuk with us and he drove us to his village over some really bad roads.

We arrived and met his wife and a stack of kids, and gave her the food, and they would like to pass on their thanks as I explained it is from our friends.

I am not sure she really wanted to pose for the photo but we asked and they did say yes. The kids were pretty excited about it though!

©Exploramum and Explorason – Juma sells fresh coconuts. This is him and his wife – not all the kids are his I don’t think?

So that ends our Random Acts Of Kindness for here.  We’ve helped a load more than we have shown. Some in a small way, and some in major ways, and some in private ways that to respect them, they are not photographed or even mentioned.

We do have another project on the go for one man, and if it is right, we can share that later, but please do respect if we decide it is better for him not to share.

Thanks for all of you that helped brighten the lives for these Kenyans; to care for the hungry and put smiles on faces of folks you have never met, nor ever will.

We have a few more days left in Kenya, so we are still available to do some more acts of kindness and will be visiting an orphanage we hope next weekend or early next week too.

Random Acts Of Kindness are a big part of our travels, and we love to involve you all.

If You Would Like To Be Involved

Thanks again to all those who helped, and should you want to give, feel free to message us at, or give with a note in the description using Paypal with our email  It is important to add into the description what you would like the donation gift for, please.

Questions to our readers:

  • What is the nicest Random Act Of Kindness anyone has done for you?
  • How did it make you feel?
  • Let us know in the comment section below. 


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