Scotland (24)

Scotland In Winter – A Great Time to Travel

When most people think of Scotland, an image of a bagpipe player blowing a melodic tune on the cobblestone streets of Edinburgh may be conjured up in your mind.  If not that, then maybe the rolling hills of heather may be visualized; or possibly an old Scotsman drinking a pint of ale as he tells […]

Family Travel Ecotourism Temples And More

Articles that talk about our world journey Learning Travels – Culture Travels with Kids by Marta … …wrote this great EcoTourism article about us visiting a Bear Sanctuary in the snowy mountains of Romania the Christmas time of 2014. Are ecotourism and family vacations an impossible match? And Sarah Osio from Travelosio includes us in her […]

Executive and Luxury House sitting Professionals

They say ‘Your home is your castle’ – right? From humble homes to luxury mansions, homeowners all over the world need to leave their ‘castles’, and for a myriad of reasons, they take leave of absence of the place dearest to their heart. They leave behind their world treasures, their family heirlooms, their treasured memories, their […]

Great Scott !! Edinburgh Scotland is Excellent

“Great Scott” is an exclamation of surprise and amazement, and here we are in Edinburgh feeling very surprised and amazed that we are here. We have taken a very fast ride on the East Coast Virgin train from Newcastle, England. We were told by the breakfast lady at the Newcastle Travelodge this was one of […]

Isle of Skye Scotland to Lakes District England

Isle of Skye Scotland to Lakes District England It seems like it always rains on those days we decide to do long travels. It rains, and it rains! And today – it rains! We start with a stop. Our first town is just over the bridge.  Along a very skinny country hilly road. Up we […]

Isle of Skye, Scotland

Isle of Skye, Scotland This morning I woke up with a boomer headache. So after a late start, we hit the road around noon. We thought the Isle of Skye was a tourist haven, but instead, we realized it was more of a retiree and hiker haven. However, we made the best of it. So […]

Driving across Scotland to the Isle of Skye

Driving across Scotland to the Isle of Skye We left the lovely Invermark Hotel and headed through the country roads and past bluebell fields. Suddenly I see a highland cattle, and I pull into a farmers driveway and we all tear off racing back down the narrow road. They were mainly eating the leaves off trees. […]

St. Andrews to Broughty Ferry, Scotland

St. Andrews to Broughty Ferry, Scotland Today is a big day. We left Edinburgh after lunchtime, made our way over the famous Forth Bridge area and then turned to drive along the coastal route. We stopped for hot chips and a coffee at a lovely seaside town called Pittenween. At first, the sky was blue, […]

Edinburgh Scotland for a day

Edinburgh Scotland for a day Today is our official first day on the road. We have bought a car (I will blog on that separately) and drove from Newcastle to Edinburgh along the coast.  We had a few stops along the way, but due to the heavy rain, we didn’t get to see as much […]

Camera Obscura – Fun in Edinburgh

Camera Obscura – Fun in Edinburgh \We enter Camera Obscura – my nine-year-old is gone. What? I look around and find him.  He has RACED into the exhibition area and is jumping up and down with excitement. We are told we have a show in 10 minutes and to head to the roof. This is […]