Studying before you go overseas to travel

Studying before you go overseas to travel

Through online platforms, I was able to study more about the teaching of the English language as a Second Language. At some point, I was so confused about this but go more relaxed after a conversation with my luxury travel experts. In came to realize that it is normal to feel a bit nervous when planning for a single parent travel. This is because you are taking a dive into a  sea that you are not really used to. However, I found peace in knowing that there is so much I can do to generate cash during our family travel.

I believe this will enable me to teach in some schools, or gain employment along the way if need be.

Why teach English as a second language?

From Chinese businessmen to Peruvian school children, many people around the globe want to learn English.

Studying before you go overseas to travel is something you might want to consider.

This is great news for people wishing to work abroad. With a little time, money and effort you too can put yourself in a position where you are virtually guaranteed some form of a job, teaching English abroad.

I have known several people who gained great jobs in schools, and living with wealthy families on a wage with free accommodation and meals included.

Options with Learning

Initially, you will have to ask yourself:
Do I want a recognized qualification?
Do I want to adopt the freelance approach?

What I chose

I did some research and found that in recent years there has been a marked increase in the number of organizations offering TEFL qualifications. These vary greatly in intensity, quality and price. If you are in the UK it seems to be a lot easier as many of the schools have headquarters in the UK.

The standard recognized qualification is the Royal Society of Arts (RSA)/ University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES) Certificate for Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adult. This is an intensive, practical course (four weeks if you undertake it on a full-time basis) and competition for places is stiff. You will have to attend an interview, at which you may be given a short written test dealing with common grammatical and semantic problems that may occur while you are teaching.

These RSA Certificate courses cost in the region of £700-£1,000 – up to about $2,000 and you would have to head to the UK to start your trip, or before you travel. So not my chosen study course and studying before you go overseas it needs to be considered.

Although this is a large lump sum to pay out it is worth remembering that the Certificate is highly thought of around the world and once you have it you will be able to virtually pick a job in the country of your choosing. Look at it as a valuable investment.

Online Courses

I chose TESOL. It is online and you can take up to a year to complete. It was a hard discipline to study this way. Studying before you go overseas to travel is something you need to have done in advance.

Also, the advantage of being taught by organizations like this is they often have language schools abroad, so once you have gained your qualification you are very likely to be given a job with them.

What can I do once qualified to teach?

My skills can also be used if I am asked to speak to classes or in the churches we visit. I can also teach at some school or privately give tuition.

I believe in some places you can arrange lessons in exchange for meals with restaurant owners etc.

If you decide to do this, make it fun. And have your child present; the child & you will both learn the foreign words for free, whilst you are teaching the person English.

A set of picture flashcards to take with you with English word on the back.

This can be something your child makes up for you to take by cutting out pictures from toddler books or magazines.

They then have to type the words on the computer, print, cut, and glue them on.
Try to have about 200 cards. Business size cards are good. I suggest 2 ‘matching’ set cards so you can play games – i.e.: table and chairs; knife and fork; the sun and the moon etc.

I will add more to this section when I finish my studies.

Questions and Comments

  • Do you exploit your talents while traveling?
  • How do you ensure your qualifications are still applicable even when traveling?
  • We would love to hear your opinions, please share your comments below.

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