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Guacamayo Ecolodge Cuyabeno Amazon Day 1

Guacamayo Ecolodge Cuyabeno -Amazon Jungle Ecuador- Day 1 Guacamayo means Macaw and is the largest parrot in existence.  they are found in the Amazon jungles and we are off to try and spy one ourselves. My son picked a jungle tour for his 8th birthday present. So we asked around and found this one to […]

Happy 8th Birthday World Traveling Son

Happy 8th Birthday World Traveling Son We have just started our 8th month of travel and now it’s Happy 8th Birthday to Explorason. In this article, we talk about how you can celebrate a child’s birthday while traveling with some tips, tricks, and ideas that might assist you. Over the months I have been saving […]

Palacio de Gobierno – Presidential Palace Quito

Palacio de Gobierno Quito We are off to Palacio de Gobierno and we can’t wait! Explorason is in ‘kid heaven’ as we have a family here in Quito from the USA who are also long-term travelers and the boys have become friends. We decide to meet at the Presidential Palace for a tour. Mates Here we […]

Teleferico Volcan Pichincha Quito Ecuador

We have been told to set half a day aside to see the volcano as we set out on our excursion to the Teleferico Volcan Pichincha. Getting There So from our Inn accommodation in Quito, we grab warm clothes, food, and water and head out for a cab. There is no bus to this place as […]

La Ronda Historico Quito Ecuador – Fun Place for Kids

Leaving our accommodation once more, we go slightly up the hill to find a touristic area of the old city of Quito known as La Ronda Historico. Historical Quarter But instead, we find a beautiful arch and church. Look at the gorgeous painted detail on this! The Streets I love the street sellers in their traditional […]

Parque El Ejido and English Fellowship Church Quito

  I had read about a great informal church in Quito and it is known as the English Fellowship Church. It attracts expats, tourists, and locals alike and was recommended as a good place to meet people. So we decided to attend the second service and were very much impressed. The place was packed! English Fellowship […]

La Mitad del Mundo Equator Middle of the World

La Mitad del Mundo Equator – Middle of the World Playground on the way Today we are off to the ‘middle of the world’ as it is called from the city of Quito Ecuador where we are staying near this fab playground. It has old propane cylinders plus there are two climbing balls that are incredibly fun.  […]

Exploring Quito, Ecuador with a Child

Exploring Quito, Ecuador with a Child I want to go exploring Quito this morning but I wonder if my son will ever wake up here at our Quito accommodation. Last night he was up very late reading his new book (we found in a great English bookstore yesterday) with so much excitement. It gets past […]

L’Auberge Inn And Quito Ecuador

L’Auberge Inn And Quito Ecuador Last night we arrived from Colombia and the window of our room was wide open when we arrived at L’Auberge Inn.  L’Auberge Inn overlooked the city and hills and as the lights twinkled in the still night, it looked lovely. Traffic By 6:00 a.m., the horns were blasting, and numerous sirens […]

Goodbye Coolombia Colombia Hello Ecuador

Goodbye Colombia Hello Ecuador In Colombia, there is a saying that this country is really Colombia because it’s so hip and cool.  But as we prepare to leave we find things heat up for us. So Let’s Recap Why Boys at the completion of school are required to either enter the military or join the […]