Parque El Ejido and English Fellowship Church Quito

Parque El Ejido

and English Fellowship Church Quito

I had read about some great informal church in the region when I went online. It is known as the English  Fellowship Church. It attracts expats, tourists and locals alike and was recommended as a good place to meet people. So we decided to attend the second service and were very much impressed. The place was packed.

The church has a large space downstairs where kids meet. This area also has playing equipment that children can keep themselves busy with. My son still raves about the guy who shared that day.

We met some really lovely people. I love the fact that the sermon of the day was very practical. My relationship with God was greatly influenced by it.

After the service, many people came and spoke to us. We were invited to play-dates for my son – coffee morning and book-club for me.

We headed back through the park once again. Today it was packed. Many artists display their native works. These are feather paintings. Incredibly fine detail.

But what I liked most was meeting this lovely bunch of ladies. Although we do not speak their language, they were warm and caring.

They refused to accept money for the photo. Their gentleman friend and the ladies all joined us in a good laugh. My son threw his arm around one lady.

We felt like we had made new friends. They never asked us to buy a thing. It so changed my perspective on indigenous people here in Quito.

The day ended in a huge hailstorm. So we headed back to our hotel. We enjoyed some pool, and a glass of red wine and what we call “family time”.

To me, Quito and Ecuador feel so much more relaxed (and safer) than Colombia. As the candles flickered and the music played, I realised how much I am enjoying my time here.



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