Top Things to Do For FREE Around The Riverland

The Riverland is one of the most beautiful places in South Australia we recommend you visit. It is surprising to know just how much you can do around this place without spending a cent.

FREE Around The Riverland

There are trails to be walked, monuments to be seen, activities you can do alone or as a family, and beautiful people to be met. The food is also amazing and worth tasting and the wine is world-famous.

Just in case you are interested in knowing the top things you can do around the Riverland, here are some:

The Riverland

©Exploramum and Explorason – Enjoying the fragrant lavender

Smell The Lavender

Lavender is an amazing healer and soother, and you might enjoy a walk between the lavender bushes at Glossop called Lavender Bella.  They also have a great little shop and cafe too, so it is a wonderful place for a visit. there is a free playground for the kids, once they have finished wandering around in the sunshine. The fragrance of lavender – FREE Around The Riverland!

Go Wine Tasting

There are many wineries in this area and we love to visit wineries all over the world, including our own state. You might want to find out if there are any open days at the time of your planned visit. This is a wonderful experience for all those who consider themselves wine lovers. You will be able to have a taste of the wide range of wine from these wineries.

If you happen to be in the region around the months of September/October, you can attend the Riverland Wine and Food Festival. This is an annual event that gives you the opportunity of not only having a taste of the region’s cuisines but one that also allows you to sample Riverland’s wine.

Enjoy Country Photography

This region of South Australia is a photographer’s haven. There are so many images and moments that can be captured through your lens. If you are a lover of wildlife, you can get good photos of different bird species. Other images are those of locals, markets, fishing, water sports, the rivers, and cliffs.

With these, you can create a lasting memory of the moments you shared while in the area. Photos taken from these place are so beautiful, you might want to print out and frame some of them, then turn them into art exhibits. It is definitely a place professional photographers and artists often come to visit, and yes, that’s FREE Around The Riverland to take pics, of course.

You might want to start with a photo of the famous Lake Bonney.  We also loved stopping the car for some great photos NEAR Headings Cliffs In Murtho Forest.

The Riverland

©Exploramum and Explorason – Ferries, houseboats, and speedboats are a few of the craft on the river

Ride On A Ferry

If you have never ridden a ferry, then this is a great opportunity to do that. This is often the case for overseas visitors who are enjoying the Australian countryside for the first time. We love ferry rides and have enjoyed them in many parts of the world including Scotland, and Turkey as well as Australia, of course.

You can enjoy a ride from one side of the river to another side and it is FREE Around The Riverland to ride a ferry. There are four different areas from which you can take a ferry – Lyrup, Morgan, Waikerie or Cadell.

Have A Picnic or BBQ

There are many places along the river to have a picnic or BBQ. Lush green lawns, rotundas, and even BBQ’s are available in different areas. It’s a great place to enjoy the serenity of the country life and all it has to offer.

The Riverland

©Exploramum and Explorason – hunt for a bargain

Market Mingle And Treasure Hunting

Whether you visit an Antique Store, a Bric-A-Brac shop, Garage or Yard Sales, or one of the local markets in The Riverland area, there are plenty of places to score yourself some treasures or to mix with the locals.  You’d be surprised what you can find.  Its free to browse, and it might just inspire you! There is plenty to see and do in The Riverland. Yes, to look is FREE Around The Riverland.

Feed The Birds

Grab a loaf of bread or some leftovers and feed the birds at the river or Lake Bonney. A great time can be had by all the family – just make sure the kids actually let go of the food and don’t end up in the water! To feed the birds is a great thing to do with the family and FREE Around The Riverland.

The Riverland

©Exploramum and Explorason – Find a quiet spot to go fishing

Go Fishing

Bookpurnong Goldmine cliffs are the perfect place for a quiet spot of fishing.  It is a small downward track just past the old church, so keep your eyes out for that one.

Fruit Picking

Apart from paying or the fruit that you pick yourself, fruit picking with the orchard or vineyard owners permission can be a lot of family fun.

(We did simply stage the photo above, and not help ourselves to anything!)

There is even the chance to earn quite a few dollars if you are traveling through the region and want to work as a fruit picker. Seasonal jobs are readily available.

The actual activity is FREE Around The Riverland, just pay for the contents.

The Riverland

©Exploramum and Explorason – go for a stroll or a hike

Go For A Stroll

Walking is one of the fitness activities you should never ignore. Whether you like the remoteness of the countryside or the busier towns, there are walks suited for everyone.  There are numerous trails within Riverland where you can do this. It gives you an opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of nature. The mind gets to relax as you admire the birds on trees, the clear blue skies and as you discover unique plant species.

We suggest you try the Waikerie Cliff Top Walk if you choose to go on a nature trail. It has a lovely view of the river whose cool breeze never seems to stop making you feel relaxed as you continue on your adventure.

You can also try Border Cliffs Wetland Walk, Hart Lagoon Walk, Ngak Indau Wetland Walk, Banrock Station, Overland Corner Walk or Martin Bend if you have already tried Waikerie Cliff Top Walk.

Yes, strolling of course is FREE Around The Riverland.

Discover Pike River

While in Riverland, you might want to spend a night at this riverside accommodation called Pike River Luxury Villas. We stayed here on our last visit and loved the great view of the River from our Villa. It is worth understanding that whilst you pay for the accommodation, the beautiful view was priceless. There is no price tag that could be put on it. We also loved the fact that the accommodation is proximal to the river, meaning that we could go for a walk along it, or we could have taken a nearby ferry ride across and enjoy a cool breeze without any extra cost, saving on fuel.

Undoubtedly, the view is FREE Around The Riverland.

The Riverland

©Exploramum and Explorason – A campfire is FREE – what other FREE activities do you enjoy?

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The Riverland

©Exploramum and Explorason – BJ and Roxy


A special thanks to BJ for being an amazing tour guide.  We raced around the Riverland and discovered so many fabulous places.  Thanks, BJ for all your wisdom of your local area.

2 thoughts on “Top Things to Do For FREE Around The Riverland

  1. It was a joy to take you around my home area. You could have spent 2 weeks here and still not seen anywhere near all of the Riverland.

    • You are right. Our dashed trip only gave us a ‘sneak peak’ of the many wonders of the Riverland, but it was fun zigzagging all over the gorgeous area and exploring with you.
      You are a wonderful tour guide revealing many hidden gems!
      Thanks again!!!

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