Learn To Ski – Here’s 5 Reasons Why

5 Reasons To

Learn To Ski

The thought of us ever skiing confidently always left shivers deep within our skins. Never did we think we would ever do ski successfully but we knew we DID NEED to learn to ski.

Just like many people, we looked at how steep the slopes were, the depth of the snow and the sheer side drops, how old I was and how young my son was and we failed to realize why it was important to learn to ski.

Why Not Learn To Ski?

With all this combined, we made a temporary conclusion that skiing wasn’t meant for us. Wish we knew how wrong we were. Later finding ourselves sliding on the steep snowy hills of Europe, with my son especially wishing that winter would never come to an end.

5 Reasons To Learn To Ski

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Learn To Ski

I first attempted to learn to ski as a teenager in Australia, and have tried several times, but I have come to the conclusion that lessons really are the key to enjoying this great sport.

As a single mum, I gained some confidence to ski with my son after we discovered that children as young as 3 years enroll in skiing classes and are taught this great sport. And we discovered that you can learn to ski in most continents of the world – from Australia to the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, USA and more.

Kids Can Learn To Ski

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Here are our Top 5 reasons why should learn to ski:

Boosting Your Confidence

Skiing honestly was a fear of mine. I dreaded the falls and accidents I have had in the past and I had lost my confidence completely. But with ski lessons it made us believe in our ability to achieve the impossible with the simple techniques we learned.

Yes, there are those initial moments when our knees knocked, not because of the cold weather but because of the fear we had. Remembering the falls and the miscalculations while sliding down the slopes had me shuddering. Moments when Explorason had to be aided down the hill and I had to be helped to stop because I just never knew how exactly people stopped when they got to the bottom.


Obviously, we made many mistakes before we became confident at skiing of not having proper lessons. From all these experiences, and after my son became better at skiing, I saw his confidence reach a new high. He was so proud of himself and so was I proud of him too.

As a single mum, I felt like I was part of my son’s process of developing a greater sense of self-belief. It worked for my family and so can it work for any other family too. There are so many stories like ours among skiers. The good news is that you can also be parts of these stories by helping your family overcome its fears, one snowy slope at a time.

Learn To Ski

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Relaxes Your Mind

It is our belief that skiing is one of the best ways of having a relaxed mind. We have not only heard it said among skiers but have also experienced it for ourselves.

In a world where every parent is busy in the workplace and children are busy on gaming sites or social media, very few people take time to relax their minds. As a result, some parents are always gloomy at home, after having a bad day at work.


Children, on the other hand, lose focus as they are always drowned in the messy webs of social media or the addictive graphics of gaming hardware. The best way to avoid all the addictions, depressions and arguments is to put away all the gadgets. Then take some time off your daily chores and head outdoors and we would go skiing.

Your family will experience the therapeutic nature of this fun sport that comes from the simple act of offloading the mind from all sorts of pressure. This allows the ambiance of nature to get to your soul as you ski downhill.

After a day skiing, you will experience a type of peace that only skiers know how to describe. It is amazing!

Learn To Ski

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It’s A Great Way To Ge Fit

Skiing works all the major body muscles. It helps you have better postures, improves your stamina and mental health. This is not just good for you but is also good for your children. Unlike the gym, it is a fun way of staying fit as you are actually totally immersed in the outdoor air and thrill of the moment.


One good thing about body fitness is that when you are fit, you stand a lower chance of contracting avoidable infections too. In other words, your immunity becomes stronger and as a result, your body is able to effectively fight off most disease cause microorganisms.

As a parent, it will be your pride knowing that your children were able to fight off infections by your simple act of allowing them to go skiing.

Learn To Ski

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Family Bonding Time

Bonding sessions help families to appreciate, understand and love each other more. We have seen it work for us as the bond between myself and my son has increased ever since started spending quality time together.


One of the memorable bonding sessions we have had have been improving our skills. We did it as a family, rather than an individual. As a result, we always look back at our past experiences and future skiing plans and appreciate that it has always been a family achievement.

We recommend your family takes skiing as an ideal bonding session as it helps you, as a family, to know each person’s weakness and grow through it together. Definitely, it is an opportunity worth seizing.

Learn To Ski

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Ski Classes Can Be Affordable

Many readers a false belief that learning to ski with skiing classes are horrendously expensive all over the world, when in fact there are many locations like the  Meribel Ski School in the U.K. where ski lessons can be quite affordable. But we found ski classes to be pocket-friendly in several locations too. You can actually choose a class based on your budget.


There are those who opt for fewer classes while others enroll for more classes. When we decided to apply for our skiing classes, we were advised to choose a five-days skiing class that ran from Monday through to Friday. This worked for, specifically for my son, as we had an opportunity to perfect our skiing skills before doing it on our own.

Learn To Ski

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Can you think of any other reason why you believe people should learn to ski?

It can be based on your own experience or a friend’s experience, but please tell us in the comments below.

Learn to ski

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Questions and Comments

  • Do you know how to ski?
  • What scares you about it?
  • Share it with us i the comment section below. It is always a pleasure receiving new ideas and insights.
Learn To Ski

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