Direct Flights from Australia to China

Direct Flights from Australia to China

Direct Flights Australia

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Direct Flights from Australia to China is something that previously never existed and used to involve a stopover. Especially if you were flying from a smaller city like Adelaide.

But now times have changed and there is no need to spend a night in Sydney or Melbourne, let alone a stopover in Singapore or another destination on the way. As it is all direct, which is perfect if you are flying with your family. And we can vouch for this as family travel experts.

Direct Flights Australia to China

So if you are in Australia and planning a trip to China, then you might want to book the direct flights with China Southern Airlines and this is the decision we made on our previous trip to China. Needing to spend less time in the air or hanging around at airports, and more time touring China – in particular, the city of Guangzhou was very important to us.

Direct Flights Australia

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Direct Flights from Australia to China

Both of us had the best experience with China Southern Airlines (my sons latest favorite airline), which made us ask why anyone passengers fail to use a direct flight on such a trip.

Here are some of the reason we strongly believe you should opt for China Southern Airlines with direct flights Australia to Guangzhou.

Direct Flights Australia

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Premium Economy

Well worth the extra money, investing in premium economy seats means that the service is just that little bit more personal.  The food is fabulous, and of course, there is more leg room and larger personal seating area.

Little Extras

Little extras like a care pack with a toothbrush and toothpaste and personal care items are provided, along with comfy slippers for each traveler in this class.

Direct Flights Australia

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The convenience of Direct Flights

People from all the major Australian cities are able to access direct flights. We didn’t have to travel to Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne or any of the major Australian city which saved us hours in time, or even an overnight stopover. Since we were in Adelaide, we found it convenient and easy to book a direct flight from this part of Australia.

Why shouldn’t you get the direct flights when such services are at the convenience of your own city? With our direct flights, we were able to get to our destination on time without having to take an earlier or previous day connecting flight.

It was convenient since we had enough time to handle all the last minute errands we had back in Australia in the morning. (Like dropping the 4WD to the mechanic for a service whilst we were gone) – all without being late for our flight or arriving late at our destination. Excellent.

Comfort on Direct Flights

Passengers will love the fact that China Southern Airlines offer blankets and pillows to them to make the experience more comfortable.

Leg Room

Having fantastic and roomy airline seats which to us were extremely comfortable and spacious was brilliant, we loved our flights and found both of the airplanes spotlessly clean and extremely safe.

There was so much space at the back that allowed us to adjust our seats to more comfortable positions which is something you don’t get on any budget airline.

Direct Flights Australia

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Fun and Relaxation on Direct Flights

Being a single Mum that is traveling with a teenager, I always want to travel with an airline that assures us of relaxation and family fun. It has to have appropriate, user-friendly entertainment systems for the journey. Just like any other parent, I hate seeing my son get bored and start hoping we used a different, more interesting mode of transport to access our destination. Our direct flight never disappointed though.


As we are also movie lovers, we were happy with the many blockbuster movies provided by the airline. In fact, I watched three movies – something I’d never get time to do at home. They were interesting, relaxing and fun to watch. At least we were kept glued to our screens for a better part of the journey. There was also a range of cool music to listen to.

Food on Direct Flights

Food is always a big part of a travel experience and we seem to eat our way around the world. Unless you constantly travel with one specific airline, you never know what to expect on the menu especially with a foreign airline.


Just to stay safe, we always bring with us snacks onto the plane. Explorason seems to be the age where his stomach is a bottomless pit! This is always a countermeasure in case food delays, or we end up not liking the selection offered.

On our direct flight, however, again, we never disappointed – in fact, it surpassed our expectations.

The food served was appetizing and delicious. Snacks between meals were provided and a plethora of beverages are on offer – from a glass of water; coffee, juices, soft drinks or even a glass of quality wine.

From our experience, we think direct flights care more about what passengers eat, how they eat it and the frequency with which food and drinks are served. Passengers have to stay hydrated and satisfied for such long uninterrupted strips.

Customer Service on Direct Flights

In the service industry, customer experience is always everything. Ruin it and you ruin your business. Some airlines know this and work hard to ensure that their customers get the best experience while traveling with them. The flight attendants on both of our direct flights were great but we especially loved the first flights.

Flight Attendants

To us, they were a symbol and reflection of what those taking direct flights always experience and were prompt and so kind. We both loved their accents since their well-spoken English gave us a clue of how communication would be in China when we finally touched down.

Anytime someone pressed a service button, an attendant appeared. Flight attendants made us have more appreciation for the journey as they were courteous and always willing to serve.

Awesome services indeed!

Direct Flights Australia

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Questions and Comments

  • What are the things you love about direct flights?
  • Have you flown on any direct flights from Australia to China?
  • Please share your experiences and keep the conversation going.
Direct Flights Australia

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5 thoughts on “Direct Flights from Australia to China

  1. I’ve flown to Guangzhou twice on China Southern Airlines and was happy both times. There is so much leg room when compared with other airlines, and I found the food and the service pleasant. It was great to get a direct flight too and not worry about stopovers.
    The first time we took a morning flight and arrived around 6pm while most recently I took the overnight flight from Melbourne and arrived around 6am.

  2. We just flew from Amsterdam to Tokyo with China Southern and were quite happy with their service. They past regularly in the cabin with fresh water and were very friendly. We would definitely fly again with them.

  3. We are also great fans of China Southern, as well as of direct flights! The customer service is exceptional and we were even taught some Chinese basics on the way there by the friendly staff!

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