The Most Affordable Luxury Ski Resort in Europe ???

In 2014 we discovered the Bulgarian ski slopes, and we fell in love.

Nestled in the outer area of Bansko, this resort faced the Pirin Mountain range, and it wasn’t just the area we fell in love with, but more so where we stayed.

Premier Luxury Mountain Resort is probably one of the loveliest places we have stayed in Eastern Europe and I have many reasons for why I feel this way, so let me share them with you.

Friendly Staff

We’ve stayed all over the world, but when the staff greet us by name and with hugs, we feel very special as return guests at Premier Luxury Mountain Resort.

All throughout our stay we felt that no request was too difficult, no-one was ever rude, and I felt like everyone went the extra mile.

But not just for us; they treated everyone like this.  

I even saw a receptionist lady get really innocently and rudely abused by an angry Russian lady, yet this lady just showed her kindness back. That takes a special person to do that.

There was one lady who served the food at dinner for the buffet meals, and she would eagerly try to explain all the yummy dishes she brought out.  In the end, we hugged. Now we are even Facebook friends!

Loft Suite

There are room sizes to fit many budgets – be it for a large family, or for an individual, and there are even rooms suited to families traveling together. And of course, honeymooners can enjoy luxury, romance, and seclusion. Singles can also feel included here because there are plenty of places to mingle with other guests if you want to.


©Exploramum and Explorason – XBox 360 hire meant Explorason could entertain his friend

Our Loft Suite meant that Explorason could play the XBox 360 (they are available to rent) and I could be away upstairs having my own space too.

It is a family friendly resort, so my son quickly made friends with two boys, one of whom was English, and ended up playing on the XBox360 downstairs of our Loft Suite. Traveling permanently and this suite feel like it was home, and it was nice my son could have a friend over – it really did feel like home!

We also had two bathrooms – one up and one down. As my son gets older, privacy is now a big issue, and I could enjoy a bath upstairs each morning, which he showered downstairs.


©Exploramum and Explorason – Bvlgari Toiletries

The Bvlgari toiletries were a real treat also. Gorgeous!

One other thing I really loved was the coffee maker.  I could get up in the early hours of the morning for my coffee and thankful time, whilst my son continued to sleep.  I was away from him, and as a single Mum, I too need that time to myself.  And the coffee was delicious too!

Premier Luxury Mountain Resort

©Exploramum and Explorason – Shuttle service to and from the gondola

VIP Pass and Shuttle Service

Not everyone comes here to ski, and it is also a great summer hiking destination, but for those who do, the VIP ski pass was something that Premier Luxury Mountain Resort organized for us and it meant speedy lines up the Pirin Mountain on the Gondola each day to our ski lessons.  We loved this.

They have a shuttle service to and from the ski area every 15-30 minutes, so any time of day we could come and go to Bansko town shopping or ski area.

Spa and Pool Facilities

After a hard day on the slopes, the Spa downstairs from our loft suite gave me a great massage.

Beside Aegeo SPAS there are also two jacuzzi tubs, and a large indoor and outdoor swimming pool.  I only used the heated indoor one, not the outdoor – Brrrrr.


©Exploramum and Explorason – transportation available past the snowy fields

Getting Here

A transfer can be arranged to and from the Sofia airport in advance when you contact this property – or in our case, we traveled by bus from Macedonia, so we were collected at the hotel. Our driver was so lovely, and never stopped smiling. He gave us breaks as needed for the restroom or coffee, and Explorason slept going to Bansko and coming back in the back seat.

Pirin mountain

©Exploramum and Explorason – We are skiing


The prices to ski in Bulgaria will astound you.

Many say this is the most affordable place for a winter vacation in all of Europe?

So ….. is this the most affordable luxury ski resort in all of Europe?  

You’d have to check your needs, but I thought it was ‘incredible value’ when I compared their prices compared to say the major areas of Europe that have ski resorts. All the British guests also stated this time and time again to me.

Food, Glorious Food

WARNING – These photos may make you hungry!

Premier Luxury Mountain Resort has three main restaurant and dining areas.

Each morning we enjoyed an incredible buffet breakfast. Most days we had to arrive early so we could head to our ski lessons, but the last day we just made it in time for the breakfast. I noticed food was plentiful no matter if we were early or late – another quality sign.  Nothing worse than arriving before closing and you get the scraps!  Not here.


©Exploramum and Explorason – Professional staff and incredible cuisine

Themed Nights

Some ‘Themed Nights’ were served as a buffet downstairs too.

I actually enjoyed my favorite meal on one of these evenings. It was a Bulgarian night.

If you have not tried Bulgarian food, then you are missing out. Healthy and wonderful. This lady (Rumyana) kept bringing out new dishes prepared from the kitchen and showing them to me – she was just so lovely!

Italian Cuisine

Casual and relaxed dining is available all day. This was perfect for a light mid-afternoon meal the day we arrived. We dined here for a couple of lunches, and also for one evening meal. We like the broad selection on the menu, and they have good pizza at an affordable price.

If you are too tired, they can always deliver it to your room or suite too.

French Cuisine

One evening we chose t fine in style beside the fireplace and looking out over the snow in their French Restaurant.

We actually ordered three courses so we were pretty full by the time we left here.  This was the first time Explorason had eaten duck, and he really liked it. One thing I am seeing with him traveling is the great range of foods he is able to try and enjoy that he might not get to experience in his homeland of Australia.


©Exploramum and Explorason – live entertainment

Bar and Relaxation Area

There is a great bar area, and some evenings special events and live music take place here.  It is a great place to unwind with a drink after a day on the piste.


©Exploramum and Explorason – Explorason skiing – Goggles rented from DipZone

Ski Hire and Lessons

Right next door and in the same complex is DipZone ski hire and we hired our ski goggles from them. They hire toboggans too, which we used last time.

Premier Luxury Mountain Resort

©Exploramum and Explorason – It is ideal for all four seasons to stay here

International Guests and Four Seasons

One thing I noticed here was the mix of guests from all over the world. We met another Australian lady and her family, folks from Great Britain, Russia, and many other places in Europe.  English was widely spoken by the staff, so there was no language barrier.

I also talked with one of the staff members here who was telling me how popular the resort is in the Spring, Summer, and Autumn with those that love nature or hiking – it really was a place for four seasons.

We spent 5 nights at the Small Luxury Hotel and loved it and we plan to return again next year.  They are also a part of a group of Greek properties that I hear are just stunning. This is a family owned business and you can tell they care for their guests in every way.


©Exploramum and Explorason – taking a rest after a day of fabulous skiing

Premier Luxury Mountain Resort  – Премиер Лъкшъри Маунтайн Ризорт
Address: 11 Karamanitza street, 2770 Bansko, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 74 950 500
Part of the group of properties:
Ermia Hotels & Resorts – amazing Greek locations also available
Questions and Comments
  • If you have been on a trip to Europe before, which places would you advice single parents to visit?
  • If you have been to Europe over winter, have you tried skiing?
  • Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below. As usual, our readers will be delighted to learn a thing or two from you.


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  1. So glad you enjoyed Bansko, we’ve been going for 12 years now and love it! It’s even better in the summer, when you get the heat of the day and a cool pleasant evening!

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