Monserrate Cableway – Teleférico de Monserrate Bogota, Colombia

Monserrate Cableway

Teleférico de Monserrate, Bogota, Colombia

Whether you call it a cable car, funicular, teleferico or gondola, the 1929 Monserrate Cableway is worth a visit when visiting Bogota (which was originally a railway until 1955).
Bogota is full of life and we’ve just enjoyed the last few days exploring the historical quarter of Bogota and visiting Divercity.
Monserrate Cableway

©Exploramum and Explorason – preparing to head up the mountain in Bogota, Colombia

Visiting This Mountain Top Destination

Today we decide to visit the iconic Monserrate Cableway, so we strike a rate with the taxi driver (prior to getting into the cab) and head up behind Candelaria. This is believed to be the first church built in the region.  The local indigenous Muisca believe this mountain to have significant religious meaning to it. Name mountain quijicha caca, or ‘grandmother’s foot’.

Llamas and Alpacas

Monserrate Cableway

©Exploramum and Explorason – Explorason joking around with the local pets

One thing that you get used to when you go to South America is that it is not uncommon for folks to walk their llama or alpaca along the street like a pet.  My son cracks me up in this photo when wild is passed from his ‘butt’ as we walk to the cable-car entrance area.

Temperature Change

We buy our tickets and it is cold!  Bring your jackets as it is much cooler climate, even at the base. We were told there can be pickpockets on the trail if you walk up and it is safer to take the Monserrate Cableway.  Here interestingly, the sun rises directly behind the mountain during the solstice in June.

Entering the Monserrate Cableway

Monserrate Cableway

©Exploramum and Explorason – Explorason is asked to hold on by the staff

My son is a bit scared when he enters the Monserrate Cableway carriage, as the staff told him he had to hang on to me. This is because the winds at the time can get strong.

Amazing View As You Ascend

Monserrate Cableway

©Exploramum and Explorason – amazing view as we ascend the mountain

Up we go. The view is amazing!  Down below you can see the old and new city of Bogota.  Bogota is divided into localities or regions of the city.

MountainTop Church

Monserrate Cableway

©Exploramum and Explorason – the church at the top of the mountain is a pilgrimage site

We head for the church which with a shrine, devoted to El Señor Caído. It is a white-washed building still in use, and markets at the entrance area. At Eastertime, this is a pilgrimage site – many people go up this mountain on their knees whipping their backs until they reach this church. Way up this path to the top of the mountain they crawl in one another’s blood so we were told.

Clear View

Monserrate Cableway

©Exploramum and Explorason – be prepared to be in ae of the view

The day is fairly clear when we get to the top and it has a lovely stone wall. Typically it is clear up here in the mornings, and it rains in the afternoons. Should you wish to hike up then remember to bring plenty of water, to allow adequate time, and that the bonus is that the trail is free.

Relaxing And Tranquil

Monserrate Cableway

©Exploramum and Explorason – I felt very peaceful and happy on this mountaintop

There is lots to wander around and see at the top so ensure you allow a couple of hours. We head down the path to explore and it is so pretty! This is a very tranquil area so it might be worth coming here should you feel stressed or anxious to ease your mind.

Bell Tower

I love this photo of Explorason as the bell tower is so quaint.  The soft clouds start to roll in over the adjacent mountain tops.  We head to get lunch, but it is closed till 2 pm.  I find odd hours for places to eat in Colombia.   We try another restaurant, but it is too formal for us in our attire of the day.

Heading Back Down

After about 2 hours of wandering around the market area near the church, we head back taking the Monserrate Cableway. We leave tomorrow to explore Colombia more, and I need to pack.  Today has been a great world schooling day for Explorason.  Our accommodation is in the are to the left in the second photograph below.
Many take the option of using the Monserrate Cableway to ascend and then hike down but this is NOT suggested for children. Also, parents who use a forward sling or pouch for baby have been known to fall onto their baby on such hikes, and this is also therefore not recommended.

Walking Through The Old Section

We walk back to our area and it is such a mix of old and new. The traffic is a mix of old and new. This old blue car is laden inside and out with wares and breaks down and there is a complete traffic jam.
Finally, the Colombia Policeman then comes and push start the blue car, but I note the car seems to have no brakes! They help him on his way. It cracks us up that he is even allowed on the road. We find the police are all through the city and are here to give you a very safe feeling.

Stubborn Horse

Back in our street near our accommodation, there is another traffic jam.  This time it is a horse who won’t move! They offer my son to feed him.

Off To Explore Colombia

We will be heading out of Bogota tomorrow to explore Colombia, and we think Bogota is a lovely city, so far. Colombia is really cleaning up as far as the country goes. You still need to be smart and we don’t venture out at night in some areas. Good accommodation is secure and gated in. Also, Colombians are generally very friendly and helpful.
Questions and Comments
  • Have you ever seen the Monserrate Cableway?
  • Do you often prebook your accommodattion?
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  • Do check out my next article on my visit to Columbia and share your opinions and comments with us below.

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