Airlines Going Green – Are Eco-Friendly Airlines possible?

When we travel, we’ve always tried to ‘keep our feet on the ground as much as possible.” That means we choose land transportation as a preference over taking airline flights.   But this isn’t always possible. Especially when you move between continents, and over vast seas. We have many reasons for choosing to travel by land. […]

The Perfect Venue in Istanbul Turkey

Gazing out over the Bosphorus, I view the moonlit bridge as it is illuminated in the early morning night sky, and am pleased that once again we are here in Istanbul, Turkey. Turkey I love Istanbul I love the cosmopolitan mix, and their style and charm always entice me to return here. Turkish interior design and their artistic […]

Experiencing Baroque Brukenthal Palace Romania

  It is with sad regret said good-bye to all our new Romania friends we met over the New Year period at Biertan.  Meeting such lovely people has been a delight, but saying farewell, and never knowing if we shall see them again is one of the hardest parts of travel.  Romania has proven to be a […]

Royalty & Asuncion Palace Hotel Paraguay

Royalty & Asuncion Palace Hotel Paraguay It is late afternoon when we arrive at the Asuncion Palace Hotel. A lovely gentleman greets us at the taxi and takes our bags. This is a surprise treat for my son. And I am tired, and a little worn out from nearly a year of living out of […]

2 Days In Lima Peru – A Beautiful City

Today we decide to join our ‘bodyguards’ to tour around the beautiful city of Lima.  We have been staying in a very eclectic hotel and recovering from the longest bus ride in our lives that started in Guayaquil. The ‘boys’ both only have 1 day here in Lima, while we have 3 days. So we […]

Palacio de Gobierno – Presidential Palace Quito

Palacio de Gobierno Quito We are off to Palacio de Gobierno and we can’t wait! Explorason is in ‘kid heaven’ as we have a family here in Quito from the USA who are also long-term travelers and the boys have become friends. We decide to meet at the Presidential Palace for a tour. Mates Here we […]