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We’ve just spent four glorious nights in Singapore staying at The Club in the historic section, right by Chinatown. And the first thing I learned was that four nights is not nearly long enough if you really want to experience all Singapore has to offer!

Explorason had researched the Top Ten Things To Do For Kids In Singapore – an article we will publish soon, and we barely scratched the surface when it was time to leave for two Indonesian islands we have booked next.

So we changed our plans after Indonesia and decided we would have to return to Singapore to complete the list – we certainly did NOT expect that!  (We had planned to visit Legoland and Kuala Lumpur, but we scratched that.)

Singapore has lured us in – a magical city with so much to see and do!

The folks here are so friendly and helpful, and the city is clean and easy to find our way around. Plus the signs are in English, which really helps us as tourists too!

We found that we had activities and a ‘jam-packed’ agenda here in Singapore from morning until night, and so we were really pleased that we were staying at The Club.

Although a boutique hotel, the choices of restaurants and bars right within the same building are definitely not to be missed.

Even if you do not stay at The Club, it is worth a visit, and make sure you head on up to the rooftop for a cocktail to watch the sunset over Chinatown.

So let us share with you the great time and pleasurable experiences we had – even if it is eating and drinking.

The Club

©Exploramum and Explorason. The Club great bars & restaurants (photo: Mr & Mrs. Maxwell’s)

B28 Bar

This awesome whiskey bar is situated in the basement of the hotel.

The name B28 comes from the location of the bar. B means basement and 28 mean the number of the address.

What can tourists enjoy? There are various liquors including Scottish Single Malts. The bar is suitable for those who love a ‘finer style of drink’ in relaxed style and class.

It’s also a good place to enjoy whiskey should you be a lover of this amber liquid.

This bar gets crowded during the weekends. This is because the visitors want to relax and listen to the house jazz band or music that is on offer.

In order to get the best seat, visitors should come before 10:00 pm, relax and settle in for a night of relaxation with a quality drink in their hand.

Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell’s Restaurants

What about the kids? They can’t drink whiskey yet. There’s a solution.

Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell’s Restaurant offers various kinds of juices and fresh beverages for kids. There’s also an adult shake. It’s the combination of milkshakes and alcohol.

In the afternoon and well into the evening, Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell’s Restaurant provides numerous cocktails for visitors. Folks can also choose their favorite spirits or a glass of fine wine which is my personal favorite.

We also started our day here each morning for breakfast.

On the first day who should walk in but the family who sat in front of us on the aircraft! The two boys decided they were new ‘best friends’ which was lovely.

We also dined here one evening and enjoyed a couple of dishes I’d really recommend.  The first was a starter of Avocado Toast.  The name gives no justice to this dish that is a favorite with customers.  It is ‘to die for’ in flavor and is a culinary delight.

To finish off the evening was a real treat. Explorason had never tried Baked Alaska, so we ordered this.  He was delighted as they lit the food and it burst into flame before his very eyes.

As weary and contented explorers, we were pleased we could head upstairs to bed using the elevator nearby.

The Disgruntled Chef

This is a compulsory place to visit when you find yourself in Singapore. It’s the place to enjoy good cocktails, wine, and an incredible meal, and, in my opinion, it is a bit of a hidden secret as far as Singapore is concerned.

It’s actually a gorgeous dining experience and easy to relax. It doesn’t represent any formality. People can order either in small or large plates. It’s up to them. Sadly I felt ill the day we dined here so I only ordered a small dinner.

There’s no need to dress formally in order to eat in this restaurant. It also becomes a good place to spend quality time with your family, and the ambiance is such that I’d suggest the kids pop away their technology and enjoy chatting together around the dinner table.

And Explorason LOVED his dessert. A perfect end to the meal.

Once they finish their feast, they can come back to their room (if they are staying at The Club) with a fuller and a more satisfied belly, or take a leisurely stroll through the historical old colonial quarter of Singapore.

Tiger’s Milk

In the afternoon another section of The Club hotel opens its door.  Meander on up the stairs, or use the elevator up to the top of the hotel.

There’s a rooftop bar called Leche de Tigre. It provides a Ceviche Bar for everyone, and children are welcome if supervised.  A ‘pisco bar’ is definitely tempting for both young and old and everyone in between, which I hope to think is me!

It gives the best nuance during a warm clear starry night as you look across Singapore.

We also chose to dine upon this stunning rooftop, because they offer a superb Parilla Grill. The seasoned chef will prepare the dishes in a professional manner right before you as the open grill exudes the aroma of char-grilled meats and vegetables.

This bar is an ideal place for a family dining experience and offers a variety of four viewing and seating sides of the open rooftop. Here you can choose to look over Chinatown; over the historic quarter or gaze over the skyline as the city lights up before you in the night sky.

Latin American music gentle pumps away in the background, and the Latino decor reminded me of our year we spent in South America in 2013 on our world trip.

What an unusual and great dining experience!  So glad we were able to not only enjoy our time here, but that the weather was perfect, and it was another great way to end a day having loads of family fun in Singapore.

The Club

©Exploramum and Explorason – The Club – Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast In Bed

Staying at The Club? Breakfast in bed is a favorite for Explorason, who was delighted when management suggested it be delivered on our last day.

What a delightful way to sleep in before our lunchtime ferry to Indonesia, and a lazy way to start our day.  Zero effort from us, and

Zero effort from us, and top marks to Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell’s Restaurant for a fun experience. After all, holidays are meant to be enjoyed!


©Exploramum and Explorason – The Club – sunset om the roof

Details for The Club

Address: 28 Ann Siang Rd, Singapore 069708

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