The Shocking Technology Challenge

Every day there seems to be some new gadget, home appliance, computer or another electrical item that the consumer is being told they ‘need’ to buy.

For us as travelers, we often find we enter a hotel room, and the lack of electrical sockets for the guests to use is shocking. With more and more items that need charging, we find we have to carry a bag just to hold the charger cords. It can be so time-consuming when we have to share one single power outlet to charge all of our devices.

Most people these days have a minimum of one cell/mobile phone each often with an accompanying extra charging device. Then they own a computer which may be anything from a laptop to a stand-alone device with a tower external drive, separate screen, keyboard etc.

Of course, there is the TV, DVD player, Gaming Systems and Consoles like the latest PlayStation 4 my son wants to buy.   For travelers, of course, the camera battery needs charging too – yes another power plug!

In fact, you can pick up a catalog from any Homemaker store and find literally hundreds of electrical devices you ‘need’ to keep up with the last and greatest items that are designed to make life easier and more exciting.

Well at least we are told that these electrical gadgets are all designed to make life easier, and mostly they are right. Imagine no refrigerator, microwave, electric kettle, toaster, washing machine, dryer and the list goes on.

©Exploramum and Explorason – Coffee Pod Machines are in most homes and luxury hotel rooms these days

Yes – right now we live in a world surrounded by technology.

Maybe you were caught up in the post-Christmas and New Year SALES and came home with a few of these gadgets, or possibly ‘Santa’ or relatives and friends treated you to something lovely and new this Christmas Season.

Power Problems

But this then faces a new problem. The power points are spilling out with double adaptors, extension boards, and piggy-backing plug upon plug, which to be honest, is quite an electrical risk.

The Shocking Truth About Home Insurance

Some insurance policies won’t even cover you for fires resulting in unsafe electrical plugs, so it is worth checking the fine print in your home insurance paperwork.

©Exploramum and Explorason – Powerboards and piggy-backing can be dangerous

Time To Phone The Electrician

Fix The Problem. If you find yourself with more electrical cords to plug in than the actual plugs, it is probably time to call an electrician and have this problem attended to.

Keep Up To Date

When we decided to travel, we sold most of our electrical items. Technology is changing so fast that most items are obsolete and a new model is being invented and produced yearly.

So it often makes sense to lease items or to purchase them and on-sell within 2 years. Sometimes items just wear out, like my keyboard on my laptop – I guess I’m a heavy typer!

Insurance devalues a lot of items to zero value after two or three years, so to replace them if something occurs might mean you get little or zero from your home or travel insurance.

If you sell the item and keep it up to date, you will then be owning items of value.

©Exploramum and Explorason – Keep technology up to date and in good condition


Where once you needed two or three electrical items to do the one job, you may find a product now that combines all three into the one product. This will save you time, space, and money.

Take a good look at what you carry with you when you travel or around your home, and see what items you no longer use; what is out of date; and what can be improved.

Remember – technology and electrical items are there to give you more free time, not to take from it; so keep a healthy balance.

Do Your Electronics ‘Rule’ Your Life?

If you are finding that you cannot wake up without immediately looking at your cell phone, or turning on the computer to check your emails or social media, then can I suggest you buy an alarm clock and leave the phone in the living area. Get your life back – you might find technology is robbing you of precious time with loved ones.

©Exploramum and Explorason – Meals and technology should be separate wherever possible to allow for ‘family time’.

Technology-Free Time

If you need to have a certain time f the day which is ‘technology free’. Don’t allow phones at the table, but sit down as a family to a meal (even if there are protests). Or even have a day of the week the technology is not permitted. You can do it, and you will find you get back to enjoying more of life. Run and listen to the birds, not your music. Stop and talk to the neighbour. Walk and talk with a friend. Sit and dine as a family.


Tidy up and get rid of any technology you don’t need.

Make sure you call an electrician so your power points are safe to charge the items you do have.

Change your life and have some technology-free time.

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