Riverside Luxury Stay in South Australia

We just discovered one of the most beautiful riverside locations in South Australia, all thanks to Andrew Caine and his spectacularly and iconic Australian creation.  When Andrew invited us to experience this incredible location, we couldn’t wait to get there!  The Pike River Luxury Villas are located in an area called Lyrup in The Riverland, South Australia.


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Riverside Luxury Stay in South Australia

As a single Mum who likes to get out and explore with my son, we felt this was the perfect place to base ourselves as a family. As luxury travel experts we often try to recommend places that are a little different than a mainstream hotel, and these luxury villas are just that – different!

Here are the reasons you ought to consider it on your next family travel to Riverland. Please note that this is completely different and not in any way related to Pike River New Zealand – Where there sadly happened to be a mining disaster awhile back, but that this is gorgeous South Australia.

Rooms With A View

If you love watching the stars, then this riverside accommodation is probably going to be a dream come true for you. A night at the Ibis Luxury Eco Villa gives you an opportunity to watch the stars and sky at the comfort of your bed. The skylight is amazing, and so is the peace that comes with being in such a relaxed place.

Riverside Luxury

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Other villas like the Dusk Villa (the one we stayed in) also have a beautiful view of the river and vegetation. It is something to look out to every morning when you wake up from your comfortable bed.  Or sit out in the heated Jacuzzi and watch the world float by out on the patio.

Fabulous Location

This gorgeous riverside accommodation is located in a tranquil area, far away from noise or disturbances. You can relax your mind by having and enjoying a peaceful stroll around the naturally built compound as you admire the trees and the cool breeze they attract. It is a great opportunity to lay down every worry or stress that has blocked your creativity and happiness.  It is an interesting thing to listen to the absolute stillness of the night – with zero traffic noise.

Great Amenities

Apart from your luxury villa, the other place you can enjoy is being in your own the jacuzzi or as Aussies call it – your own spa. Here you can sit for hours in a relaxed atmosphere, leaving you feeling refreshed and re-energized in your body. After a long soak, you can enjoy the eco-friendly toiletries that are also provided and the gorgeous stone ensuite.

Fun Activities

Family fun all around the world is important to us, and there are numerous fun activities around the place. Check out our Top Free Things To Do in The Riverland article for starters.  You can also go kayaking in Pike River, set up day tents in the many camping areas along the river, go bird watching etc.

You can also take your family for a ride on any of the ferries at Waikerie, Morgan or Cadell as you cross the river for more fun activities on the other side.

If you are a chocolate lover, then a visit at the Waikerie’s Havenhand Chocolate is likely to be one of the best treats for you. Within its proximity is the Benson Park where you go horse riding as you enjoy the beautiful view of the river from a much-elevated angle.

Lovely and Professional Staff

When we entered our villa everything was presented perfectly.  We had requested a light breakfast inclusion and also a cheese platter and wine from a locally made company.

The staff here are kind-hearted and very professional, yet not bothersome at all. Crucial information is dispensed to visitors in a fast and efficient way. During our stay, the management ensured that we had all the eco-friendly toiletries we needed in our luxury villa, and they kept the rooms clean and even went an extra mile by offering meticulous and useful information such as arrival directions, instructions and local drives.

Your Positive Comments

So what is your most memorable vacation? Is there anything unique that made it so special?

Questions and Comments

  • What are some of the things you looking for when booking accommodation?
  • How can people avoid getting ripped off by hotel management?
  • Hoping to read your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Riverside luxury

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Pike River Villas
8 Pike Creek Road, 
Lyrup, South Australia 5343, 
Australia – View Map
TEL: +61 (0)428 831 045

2 thoughts on “Riverside Luxury Stay in South Australia

  1. Wow! Pike River villas look perfect. I’d definitely recommend to others to book in there when going to the Riverland. You could easily spend a week or two there as there is so much to do. Lyrup is central Riverland so it is perfect to explore from that base. We love fishing and anything to do with water so can’t wait. Thanks

    • It’s a completely tranquil place and perfect for anyone you know who is stressed out. I know a few people right now I wish I could teleport there! They need some quality R&R.

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