Visiting unusual and exotic places with your child

Traveling the world with a child is exciting when visiting unusual and exotic places with your child.  We go to so many new, astounding, incredible, and interesting places.

From Cuba to Paraguay and up to Liechtenstein, or down to Tunisia – there has been so many.

Recently we were asked to compile our top list for “visiting unusual and exotic places with your child” by international online travel magazine Discavo.

You might be surprised where we selected.

Take a look by clicking on the link here – it might give you some great ideas of places to add to your bucket list.

Which continents would you select?

What places would you love to travel to?

READ HERE: Visiting unusual and exotic places with your child

We hope you enjoy this and share our website with your friends and family.

My aim is to motivate people to follow their dreams, and that especially single parents can travel the world with their children.

Sunset lasts an hour

©Exploramum and Explorason – Exotic places to take your child – African sunset

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