Budgeting for long term travel

Budgeting for long-term travel is a very important part of preparing for your trip.

There are so many areas that need to be addressed before you embark on your journey, and this article featured on Discavo Travel Magazine is a must read for anyone planning to travel.

Deciding on how you will travel, for how long, who with, and where you will stay all plays an important factor in setting your budget.

Click here to redirect you to the Discavo article where Exploramum and Explorason share their tips.

As world travel experts we have a lot of wisdom to share with you.

Tips that will make your money go further – we know – we have been traveling the world for a long time – in fact, this is our fourth year of continual world travel, and it is a life we love, and a lifestyle we want to make last as long as we can.


3 thoughts on “Budgeting for long term travel

    • I hope you get to travel. You would have to work out your style and where to travel. That is possibly affordable if you select countries like India etc. Also choose your accommodation and where you can buy local food at the market and cook. We find local vegetables in the markets very healthy and within budget.

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