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Visiting unusual and exotic places with your child

Traveling the world with a child is exciting when visiting unusual and exotic places with your child.  We go to so many new, astounding, incredible, and interesting places. From Cuba to Paraguay and up to Liechtenstein, or down to Tunisia – there has been so many. Recently we were asked to compile our top list […]

12 Tips When Terror Strikes Travel

We were in Tunisia supposed to be having some rest. However, we found ourselves facing a terrorist attack instead. As a parent I needed to be quick thinking and to protect my child. Here I share 12 steps that I believe a parent should read and talk over with their child/children. You never know when […]

The Faces of Djerba Tunisia

We both love taking photos. Those are some of the people we have met in our last week in Djerba. This man had a limp, and a million dollar smile. Explorason asked to take his photo. Then he looked so deeply at us. He limped off and came and picked jasmine for me. He placed […]

Djerbahood Street Art of Djerba Island Tunisia

Djerbahood. What is it? It is street art and world famous and is found in a little town called Er-Riadh. We hire a taxi and he takes us through the back lanes. Here is just some of it. There is much more, and also amazing stores full of artists and art too. http://www.djerbahood.com   Check […]

El Ghriba Synagogue and Er-Riadh happy snaps

This is a pictorial blog. We visit the little town of Er-Riadh on Djerba Island in Tunisia. Here we first visit El Ghriba Synagogue. The Jewish Synagogue was bombed a few years ago, so there is a security checkpoint on entering. So recent history includes that on April 11, 2002, a truck full of explosives was detonated close to the […]

Djerba is the place to shop in Tunisia

Come Shop In Tunisia. Djerba is a town on an island in the south of Tunisia. And the postage is very reasonable. We sent back to Australia a 10 kg parcel for about $120 AU – it may have been a little more or a little less, but it was very reasonable. Thanks to the […]

Oxala House. A Traditional Tunisian Treasure

Nestled along the coast just a few km out from Houmt Souk, on the Island of Djerba in Tunisia, is one of the most unique places we have stayed in on our world journey.   Known as Oxala House, it is a Tunisian treasure that is inspired from traditional “Menzels”. It is here that we arrive after a […]

Monastir Tunisia Medina Marina Markets and More

Regency Hotel and Spa is where we have been staying the past few days, and one of the lovely animation team led five of the guests (which included us) for a guided tour of the small city of Monastir. It was a hot day, so we were glad it was only about a 10-minute walk […]

Experience Stunning Style, Service and Spa in Tunisia

Tunisia. A land where the people smile, the service is amazing, and the shopping is incredible.  It is a land where resorts are a destination experience in themselves. Framissima Regency Hotel and Spa is in the heart of the Marina of Monastir, and only 5-10 minutes walking from the town center with its Medina, “Ribat” and the […]

Sousse Tunisia – Souk and Medina in Photographs

It is not often I blog in photographs, but this is one where the pictures tell a story. On the Sunday after the Tunisia terrorist attack in June 2015, we wanted to go to church. We went to a small community church that meets in the Sousse Catholic Church on Sundays.  It is The Sousse […]