Employing Locals To Educate When Travelling

Employing Locals To Educate When Travelling Often when we travel to developing countries where the cost of living is lower, we find we can take more time, and travel at a slower pace. This gives us time to also catch up and have more dedicated time to educating Explorason as told here to Discavo. Our recent […]

Design Your Own Africa Safari

Design Your Own Safari “Africa – the home of the ‘Big Five’.    Animals that roam the savannah and jungles freely to be seen in all their glory, and we could not wait. Our time has ended after we were helping in a school and village mission in a remote area of Uganda. With a […]

Fussy Eating

Fussy Eating Kids – Cure Them With Travel Do you have fussy eating kids? Have you ever put off travel because you just can’t bear the thought of your children complaining about the lack of their favorite foods – yes, they are what is known as fussy eating kids! If your child is a fussy […]

A Road Trip Is A Perfect Way To Travel

How long For exactly one year we took a very, very long road trip. A road trip that leads us along the ‘Road Less Travelled’ – which is by far my favorite way to travel as we meandered along many back roads, through lovely villages. With Explorason by my side as the perfect traveling companion, […]

Visiting unusual and exotic places with your child

Traveling the world with a child is exciting when visiting unusual and exotic places with your child.  We go to so many new, astounding, incredible, and interesting places. From Cuba to Paraguay and up to Liechtenstein, or down to Tunisia – there has been so many. Recently we were asked to compile our top list […]

Long Term Travel As A Single Parent

Being a single parent can be hard enough, but when we decided to travel long term it became a partnership with my son. We became a team. The two of us, exploring the world together. Learning, and having fun as we discover some of what the world has to offer. We love to venture on […]