Meet 7 families who travel the world

“These seven families will change how you think about taking your kids on the road”

Here in this photograph, you see three world traveling families – The KingsThe Benders and The Johnston’s – that, of course, is us on the end!

Romania Bear Sanctuary

Exploramum and Explorason – Meeting other world traveling families

Today we are pleased that we have been included in an article by Erin Bender in the highly regarded MatadorNetwork online Travel Magazine.

Take a look and leave a comment – and of course, share if you feel so inclined.

A wonderful part of world travel is meeting other families like these, who all constantly inspire us to continue our journey; our world-schooling; and our random acts of kindness as we continue to explore this amazing planet.

(We have also met the Dennings in Guatemala and been very inspired by their positive attitude to life and travel with their family too.)

So who are these families you may ask?

Drum roll …….. It is time to meet the 7 families who travel the world …..

Click here to read: “7 families that will change how you think about taking your kids on the road

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