Is Cinque Terre On Your Bucket List ? Top Tips And Things To Do

We knew a person once who went on and on about Cinque Terre, Italy.  She had read the book ‘One Thousand Places To See Before You Die’, and had added Cinque Terre to her bucket list, but is Cinque Terre on your bucket list?  Read on ….. She visited in summer and told us how the […]

Vacation Ideas for Busy Students

Busy students seldom have time for fun, but everyone needs a vacation every once in a while. When you get a break from Arizona State University, you might really want to go on a vacation somewhere, but you may assume that you won’t be able to afford to travel and have a good time. Contrary […]

How to Save Money on Family Travel

Travel expenses may not be your first priority when managing the family budget, but chances are, it’s up there on the top of the list when it comes to the ones that you care about the most. Since traveling together as a family can be just as much of an emotional investment as it is […]

Five Great Places to Visit for Christmas in Galway. Stay in budget hotels.

  Smell that? Smells like Christmas spirit to us, and every year that festive ‘whiff’ gets stronger and stronger in Galway city. Always an atmospheric city with its narrow medieval streets and bustling pubs and clubs, Galway takes on an extra-strong seasonal scent in the run-up to Christmas Day. From the transformation of Eyre Square […]

Meet 7 families who travel the world

“These seven families will change how you think about taking your kids on the road” Here in this photograph, you see three world traveling families – The Kings, The Benders and The Johnston’s – that, of course, is us on the end! Today we are pleased that we have been included in an article by Erin Bender in the highly […]

Budgeting for long term travel

Budgeting for long-term travel is a very important part of preparing for your trip. There are so many areas that need to be addressed before you embark on your journey, and this article featured on Discavo Travel Magazine is a must read for anyone planning to travel. Deciding on how you will travel, for how […]