Ten Tips for Affordable UK Travel

We are about to leave the UK, and I have some great ideas to share with you on affordable ways to enjoy your vacation. We have been in and out of UK over the past year or so, and really love it there. So have gathered some good tips for travelers from abroad that might […]

Game On! Newcastle

Newcastle is quite a happening city now. It is in the north of England, not too far from the border of Scotland. We have just sold our car and have decided to stay on a couple more days, as we want to give Explorason some time to have some fun.  The past few weeks have […]

We are falling for Newcastle

We are finally leaving Continental Europe after nearly a year of road travel.  It has been an amazing year, and it has been a bit like a marathon race these past few months to get back here in time with the car. The insurance expires the day after we arrive back at midday. (Our last […]

Yay – Our new travelling buddy has arrived

Yay – Our new traveling buddy has arrived !! Today is an exciting day. After nearly 2 years with only my son and I traveling together, we are to be joined by a great friend I have known for 20 years from Australia. There were screams and hugs when she arrived, and we were all […]

Newcastle UK. Day 1

Newcastle UK. Day 1 We have arrived in Newcastle to house-sit. We chose Newcastle for a few reasons. Firstly, my ancestors are from here. Secondly, we are waiting for the arrival of our friend from Australia who will join us for the next few months of travel. The double-decker bus stop is right outside the […]

Newcastle UK and Bamburgh Castle

Our lovely start to Newcastle UK and Bamburgh Castle Thanks to our kind friends in Accrington who gave us a ride in their new 4WD all the way to Newcastle. There waiting for us was our next fun host, Maxine. I met Max at a wedding in Perth many years ago, pre-child. And we hit […]