Travel thoughts on getting ready to go overseas

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Travel thoughts on getting ready to go overseas


Travel affords you many memories, vivid flashbacks that dance across your mind like skittish schoolgirls on their way to a big day out someplace. I can’t think of anything that will take away this experience – perhaps only experience itself can – thus my travel thoughts.

As quoted from Teri Louise Kelly’s  “The Last Bed on Earth”. I bet these are statements that can be echoed by luxury travel experts to people interested in family travels. My interest in single parent travel has definitely been guided by such wise sayings.
The next few blogs really only apply to folks thinking of traveling

Okay, folks – this next part of our blog might bore you to death!

It is here to help a parent (and slanted towards a Mum; and a single Mum at that) get ready for traveling overseas with their child or children.

You might wish to skip this next ‘info on traveling,’: I will not be offended by that decision. I have written it, mainly because I discovered that there were no resources out there that were up to date, or specific to the needs and concerns of single Mums.

You might find a few topics that overlap or repeat themselves, but that is because it became a bit of a spider web of thoughts at times; so bear with me if you find this occurring. Also, because I realized there was SOOOOO much that had to be prepared when traveling with a child. That is just not the same when you are a free-spirited single traveler.

Travel thoughts: Kids need safety and structure. They need food and sleep. They whinge and drive you nuts if things are not right. So I have tried to get it all right – well as much as humanly possible. By that, I can have a little of that ‘quiet or loud whingey-whiney voice ‘ going on and on at me. And so we can have a great time, and not waste our time!


Remember parents – you have to take control. You are the commander of this ship. It will only sail well when you have prepared well for the journey. Then your journey will knit you together in a memorable and lasting bond. And be one to remember forever.

Early Trip Preparation – Go, Hunting!

Start to visit Op Shops, Garage Sales, Yard Sales, Trash, and Treasure, & Outdoor Stores for sale items. A great Op Shop for cheap clothes is Reactivate on Henley Beach Road. Their funds support missions and other aid. And kids clothes are $1!
Travel thoughts: We started visits a good 12 months before the trip. We picked up cheap jackets, sleeping bags that zipped together (were $200 each and are a terrible color but down to $35 each).
Buy warm jackets at the summer sales etc. We also got a great deal on hiking boots.
What are your travel thoughts?
Questions and Comments
  • For the single parents, how do you plan for a trip?
  • What preparations do you take to ensure you have a memorable trip?
  • Does being a single parent challenge you in any way while planning for trips?
  • Kindly share your opinions with us.

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