Kids Are Special At Raffles Singapore


©Exploramum and Explorason – Raffles Singapore – Driveway Entrance

If you like to travel in luxury style as a family, then Raffles Hotel is the place for you. We’ve had 2 great days here as the end to our second time in Singapore draws to a close.

From the moment we arrive by taxi, my son begins to feel like he is a ‘special little man’.

As our personal butler guides us around the Raffles property we enter our suite, and here awaits his own My Adventure Passport.  A book that enables him to explore Raffles Hotel from a child’s perspective.

Read on, and let me show you why Raffles Hotel is a load of fun!

You can view our YouTube of our Raffles Suite here.

My Adventure Passport

©Exploramum and Explorason – My Adventure Passport – UK Mum assisting & daughter on ‘the mission’.

As Explorason and I are racing around the Raffles Hotel finding clues and taking photographs, we meet up with an English Mum and her daughter also pursuing the same quest. This is great because we team up together, and the kids make friends with each other.

Raffles is not a place where kids are stuck watching TV in their hotel room, rather they are encouraged to enjoy themselves in a creative way.

Raffles Hotel is quite a vast property, and this ‘mission’ really helps kids to find their way around the Raffles complex, whilst learning all about Raffles at the same time.

As each child achieves a set ‘mission’, they need to go to the Concierge and get their My Adventure Passport stamped.

RAFFLES My Adventure Passport MISSIONS

Mission Number 1

Take a picture with the Doorman at the Raffles Hotel Entrance. We were going to do this anyway, so this was an easy start.

Sikh Doorman

©Exploramum and Explorason – Raffles Singapore – Sikh Doorman

Mission Number 2

Have an Ice cream (gelato) at the Raffles Courtyard and take a picture.

The hardest part about this mission is choosing the flavor.

Mission Number 3

Have a meal at the Bar and Billiard Room and find out where the tiger was shot.

We won’t give the answer away, but it is a really interesting story about a real tiger that escaped, and was here at Raffles!

Mission Number 4

Have breakfast in the Tiffin Room and name an egg dish.

Explorason chose pancakes (not eggs) but he completed this question successfully.

Mission Number 5

Visit the Fern Court and name 3 kinds of ferns to the Concierge.

I wonder what kind of ferns they are?

Mission Number 6

Visit the Long Bar and take a picture of the Shanghai Lily.

We won’t show you the photo, or that will ruin your personal quest!

Mission Number 7

Take a tour with the resident historian Mr. Leslie Danker, and find his books in the Gift Shop.

This takes a bit of work but is worth seeking out the answer to this mystery question.

Mission Number 8

Name three hotel items found in the Gift Shop.

Each suite is given a $500 Voucher booklet with discount coupons for the shopping arcade here at Raffles.

Whilst finding out what these three items were, he purchased a gift for me for Christmas.

Mission Number 9

Name the Palm Tree in the Palm Court and take a picture.

This, my friends, is a trick question! Visit Raffles to find out why.

completed passport

©Exploramum and Explorason – Raffles Singapore – My Adventure Passport

For any three stamps that are collected, the child can redeem a prize.

Prize Number 1

FREE! Ice cream (gelato) at Raffles Courtyard.

ice cream

©Exploramum and Explorason – Raffles Singapore – Free Gelato

Prize Number 2

FREE! Pizza-making session at Raffles Courtyard.

For Explorason this was a highlight. to be in the Pizza Kitchen behind the counter at Raffles, he thought this was just brilliant.

Prize Number 3

FREE! Mocktail-Making Session (Virgin-Singapore Sling) at Raffles Courtyard.

Explorason adored his time making this creation. He took this lesson very seriously and with great pride.

For him, the best part was the barman giving him the ‘Singapore Sling Secret Recipe’ at the end.

Enjoying The Rewards

Once the Virgin-Singapore Sling was created, we sat down to a ‘Reserved’ table that awaited us.

There, our pizzas and drinks were presented to Explorason with great pride.

He loved this past day collecting all his stamps in his My Adventure Passport.

Other Raffles Child-Friendly Activities include:

Working out at the Gymnasium

Why not have a few minutes of health and fitness – ideal for teenage children and their parents? (Not suitable for young children).


©Exploramum and Explorason – Raffles Singapore – Gym

A Walk Through History

Explorason is a keen photographer and loved looking through the Hall of Fame Photographs upstairs at Raffles Hotel.

Raffles Hall of Fame

©Exploramum and Explorason – Raffles Singapore – Hall of Fame

Day or Evening Swim

We enjoyed several swims at the Raffles rooftop swimming pool.

The pool was the perfect temperature in the evening for me, and we met some very special guests there and chatted away in the pool with them.

I loved relaxing under the stars. not only did they twinkle, but seemingly so did the entire Singapore night sky as building lights illuminated around us. Sheer bliss!

If you are headed to Singapore, why not book a Family Suite for your vacation.  The kids will have a great time, and you will too!*

Raffles Hotel Information

Address: 1 Beach Rd, Singapore 189673
*All activities must be supervised by an adult


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8 thoughts on “Kids Are Special At Raffles Singapore

  1. Whoa. This place looks amazing. How fun is the pizza-making and mocktail-making for kids? My kiddos would do that every day, twice a day, during their stay. Any place that does just a teensy little bit extra to spoil my kids (and make my life easier) is like a God-send. This place looks like they have it going on in spades!

    • Thanks Darla – I totally agree. Happy kids make happy familys and then we are happy parents.
      And most parents love their kids getting out and involved.
      I thought it was a brilliant idea from start to finish.
      Hope you get to stay at Raffles one day and take the kids there to experience it for yourself.

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