Getting fit for the overseas trip

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Getting fit for the overseas trip of a lifetime


I advise that you start going for weekend hikes weeks or months before your family travel. This will help you in your quest to get fit and make the hard moments during your single parent travel more manageable and fun. I am 50 years old and I really needed this. I have to keep up with my son just as I have been challenged by my luxury travel experts.

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I have a positive attitude when it comes to sporting. This is what helps me trim my body and be conscious of my health. 

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Make your child carry a backpack. Alternatively, you can share one backpack. You will need to know the quantity of water you need for the hike. 

Hiking gear/clothes: Cargo pants/shorts with pockets, shoes, caps, sunscreen, walking sticks, and mosquito bands, and all you might need.

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Get your child used to posing for photos since he will be doing this at a number of world attractions when you begin your journey. You as a parent will rarely be in the pictures at times.

Ask people to take pics of both of you. Practice photo angles, and finding interesting things. Pretend to be his teacher and help your child as you find items in nature, and explain distances – turn it into a field trip.

Take a plastic bag for the muddy dirty clothes, as sometimes you won’t want your kids getting into the car with such clothes after a fun hike at a waterfall.

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Pack your lunches, and get used to operating within budget. Figured out the type of food that doesn’t work for backpacking – i.e. chocolate melts, and bananas squash!

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Start doing other physical activities: the more varied the better. Never think you are too old, too unfit, or too shy to give it a go!

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Keeping fit is one of the great ways of ensuring that you interact with your child at little to no cost.

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We loved our tag-along bike. My son would wiggle and try and make me lose control of the bike handle. This made the experience more fun as we laughed and laughed and laughed!

We went bike riding, paddle boating, roller skating, running, swimming, bowling, and golfing, just to name a few.

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Going these exercises is a great way to bond and have fun.

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2 thoughts on “Getting fit for the overseas trip

  1. Also trying to get fit for our trip; 10 months to go. I have 1 teen 15y and one pre-teen 11y. Will have to be able to keep up with them too. Joined a Zumba last January and going 3 times a week which helped e drop 2 sizes.
    Does traveling help you to keep fit and eating healthy ?

    • Hi Laly – thanks for reading my blog. It is quite easy to stay fit with all the walking and dragging bags around. the hardest thing is to eat healthily. when you are tired from a long day exploring the last thing you feel like doing is hiking to the supermarket – if you have no car, then lugging it back to a half decent kitchen in a hostel – if they have one. But with time I have learnt to stay at hostels with a kitchen that is decent and buy a bulk lot for the week. Fresh fruit and vegetables are cheap at the market, but sometimes, like in South and Central America it is cheaper to eat out. Good luck with the travel plans.

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