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Kids Growing Up With A Life Of Travel

Last weekend we have enjoyed three lovely nights with the American family from The Talking Suitcase. Based in Nice, France their children now attend school here, and they live in a lovely apartment in old town area of the city of Nice, just behind the sea front promenade where we have been invited to stay […]

Amazing Things To Do In Central America, Whoever You’re Travelling With

Amazing Things To Do In Central America, Whoever You’re Travelling With Image Source The beautiful bridge between North and South America is made up of the incredible seven countries which constitute Central America. It’s rich with things to do, from wandering around idyllic coastal villages, exploring ancient Mayan ruins, snorkelling, and a whole world of […]

Is Cinque Terre On Your Bucket List ?

We knew a person once who went on and on about Cinque Terre, Italy.  She had read the book ‘One Thousand Places To See Before You Die’, and had added Cinque Terre to her bucket list. She visited in summer and told us how the five villages (Cinque means Five in Italian, and Terre means Earth) […]

The Shocking Technology Challenge

Every day there seems to be some new gadget, home appliance, computer or another electrical item that the consumer is being told they ‘need’ to buy. For us as travellers, we often find we enter into a hotel room, and the lack of electrical sockets for the guests to use is shocking. With more and […]

Doors Of The World

I have a fascination with doors. Ornate doors; coloured doors; door knockers; door trims; doors that fold; doors that seemingly ‘disappear’; invisible doors; and door handles – all these and more are a few of the things that often make me stop as I walk the street in admiration and stare at DOORS. There are […]

A Clear View Of The Sky

Laying in the Moroccan desert on a balmy evening outside our Bedouin tent, we gaze up with a clear view of the sky above us. Without smog and pollution, the sky seems infinitely brighter with millions of stars forming a milky pattern above us. It is so breathtakingly beautiful that neither of us wanted to […]

Scotland In Winter – A Great Time to Travel

When most people think of Scotland, an image of a bagpipe player blowing a melodic tune on the cobblestone streets of Edinburgh may be conjured up in your mind.  If not that, then maybe the rolling hills of heather may be visualised; or possibly an old Scotsman drinking a pint of ale as he tells […]

Visiting San Marino 5th Smallest Country In The World

“So do you know the list of the smallest countries in the world” I am asked? Let me see … ” 1. Vatican City, 2. Monaco, 3. Nauru, 4. Tuvalu, and 5. San Marino” …. Our World Country Count As Explorason is country counting on our world trip, San Marino for us also becomes our […]

Collecting Treasures From Around The World

One day, when we finish traveling the world, I want to have a home filled with memories of our globetrotting.  Little knick-knacks that join together to form the story of our life-journey. This past week we stayed in iDesign Hotel in San Marino, one of the smallest countries in the world.  When talking with the […]

Ever Considered A Treehouse Holiday ?

Ever considered a treehouse holiday? Treehouse hotels offer an amazing experience that’s simply unrivaled by any other kind of accommodation. For those that really want to connect with nature, there’s surely nothing more magical than spending the night high up off the ground amongst the birds and trees. There are all kinds of forest hideaways […]

Luxury Lakeside Hotel In Zurich Switzerland SLH

I see the snow lightly fall, illuminated by the corner street lamp as I sit in the early morning twilight and sip my espresso coffee as my feet are warmed by the central heating. Out of my hotel window trams glide on their tracks past the architectural historic buildings and the Opera House nearby.  The rooftops […]

Argentina or London – Crazy Flight Prices Today

Melbourne to London from $925 Return. Sydney and Adelaide to Argentina from $1041 Return. Royal Brunei Airlines is having a sale on Melbourne to London during European Summer. Air New Zealand is having a sale on flights to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Click the links below to see all the flights. We have also provided some […]