Design Your Own Africa Safari

Design Your Own Safari

“Africa – the home of the ‘Big Five’.    Animals that roam the savannah and jungles freely to be seen in all their glory, and we could not wait.

Our time has ended after we were helping in a school and village mission in a remote area of Uganda. With a love for the Ugandan people, the culture, and the country, we decided we wanted to explore more….”

An extract from our latest article featured on the Travel website online magazine Discavo.

So we are pleased to present you our expert advice on how you too can Design Your Own Safari.

From the amazing animals, we get to see, to the incredible choice of places we stayed, please take a quick look at Design Your Own Safari.

You can read more about our other Uganda African safari adventures here as well as other articles on our website.

Another safari is coming up soon in Kenya, so stay tuned for that – it is very unique.

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