Turtle Bay Club on the Kenya Coast of Africa

We left the Watamu area just a week prior to our stay at Turtle Bay Beach Club on the Kenya Coast of Africa. With a few days to spare before we flew to Lamu Island, we decided we’d like to experience a resort with a Kids Club that was also ‘All-Inclusive’, and of course it needed to be […]

When Tourism Dies ….

What happens when tourism dies? When tragedy strikes and area? When the Media and Government websites hype it up? When unnecessary risks are publicised. When warnings go out and scare the public away? What happens? Obviously, the tourists stay away.  Most heed these warnings (which are often blown way out of proportion) and don’t even […]

Employing Locals To Educate When Travelling

Employing Locals To Educate When Travelling Often when we travel to developing countries where the cost of living is lower, we find we can take more time, and travel at a slower pace. This gives us time to also catch up and have more dedicated time to educating Explorason as told here to Discavo. Our recent […]

Design Your Own Africa Safari

Design Your Own Safari “Africa – the home of the ‘Big Five’.    Animals that roam the savannah and jungles freely to be seen in all their glory, and we could not wait. Our time has ended after we were helping in a school and village mission in a remote area of Uganda. With a […]

Giraffe in Nairobi

The last two weeks or so has seen spending quite a lot of time in two capital cities. The first was Kampala, Uganda.  I was driving a large 4WD we had hired from Expedient Car Hire (loved their service and great rates) in crazy Kampala traffic, and with Explorason being a magnificent navigator. Somehow he would manage […]

Super Sensational Simba Safari – Uganda Africa

Simba Safari Camp is not what we expected – it was MUCH BETTER!  This was not just an African Safari Camp, and it excelled our expectations on every level. Simba Safari Camp states they are budget on their website, so we instantly thought this meant a secondary standard, but everything was just superb! So let us […]

Add A Little Luxury To Your African Safari

It is time for us to ‘hit the road’, after several weeks volunteering with mission work in remote Uganda.  We are excited to see Africa, and I’ve been really brave in what comes next. We have hired a 4WD from a fabulous company called Expedient Car Hire who delivered it right to our hotel, and at […]

What if YOU had no bed? Africa Slums

There were nine in the bed, and the little one said – roll over, roll over ….. Walking into this humble two-roomed house was a shock to me. There piled in the corner was the entire bedding shared between 9 children, including teenagers. This family was part of the local village in a remote impoverished […]

From Ultimate Sophistication to Squalor Slums of Uganda

We have gone from splendid sophistication to squalor slums of Uganda Outside, the African night sang a loud melody with the sound of night birds and insects. As I lay tented within my mosquito net in a metal frame bunk bed, I thought how much my life had changed in just one month. Left behind […]

Sharing Love in Uganda Africa

Coming to Africa has been on our hearts for what seems to be forever.  I knew a long time friend, who along with her husband ran a small ‘not for profit mission’ In The Field Ministries in Uganda.  I had spoken to her on a few occasions about us coming to volunteer. So when our […]

Sharing Love At A Hospital in Uganda Africa

We have left the glitz, glamour, and opulence of Dubai, and spent the night flying via Kenya to Uganda. By the time we arrived in Kenya, I had a boomer headache. I landed breathing into a paper bag and barely knew how to make it off the plane without fainting from the pain in my […]