Slipping into Sibenik Croatia

Slipping into Sibenik Croatia

9:00 a.m. and we ‘hit the road’.

It is lovely to have repacked the car, and sorted out things at the apartment we had last night.

We fed four cats our leftover milk that had been crying a good part of the morning in hunger.

And we drove long the coastal road.

Many signs showing to beware of ‘Wild Pigs’ and ‘Deer” are seen.

So interestingly we see many of these paces cooking pig – which I am sure is not in the least wild.

Exploramum an Explorason – BBQ pig

We head into Sibenik.

It is a UNESCO city.

The GPS will always try and lead us smack into the middle of the historical section where we have fast learnt you cannot drive.

So we follow the car park sign that says ’10 minutes walk to old city’.

We drive past this area. So glad we did. There in the next area is free parking for the beach.

Exploramum an Explorason – Sibernik behind me

So here we leave the vehicle – it is not a ten minute walk. More like a thirty minute walk.

It is lovely. And goes around the water. Boats are tied up. Kids are skate-boarding.  It is a nice place to be.

Exploramum an Explorason – walking into Sibernik

We head up stairs to St. Michael’s Castle.

Exploramum an Explorason – Sibernik – heading up the alley ways

There are lovely little alley ways. And I do love this garden.  Oh, how I miss my garden.

Exploramum an Explorason – Sibernik – beautiful little gardens

We get to St. Michael’s Castle and we are dripping with perspiration. It is hot and the water is already consumed.

Exploramum an Explorason – Sibernik – St. Michael’s Castle entry

The view is incredible.  To my surprise Explorason doesn’t want to go in. Neither does he want to go down the other side to the rest of town.  He wants to go to the park.  He plays on a see-saw and has kid time.

I’m noticing more and more it is time for fin, and not time to ‘see’.

Learning needs to be fun. When the fun stops it is a drag.  I do not push it. He is still ‘learning’. Geography; Currency; Climates; Cultures.. and more. We still do other forms of reading and things that incorporate spelling.

I think he needs a holiday from having a holiday.  I noticed this in Rome.

Exploramum an Explorason – Sibernik – St. Michael’s Castle – view across to the car

So, at least we have had a good half hour hike to the top and now we will meander and find our way down.

Exploramum an Explorason – Sibernik – St. Michael’s Castle entry

We go back past the little bobbing boats.  Bach to the free car park.

Exploramum an Explorason – Sibernik – walking back past the cafe to the car

We decide to leave and drive through the National Park.

This is interesting as it is heading inland.

It is unique and a little dry, but the rocks are grey and looming overhead.

We head toward Split.  We think we should  ‘ go and find a cafe in Split and eat a Banana Split ‘ says Explorason – well there is a challenge !

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