Country Wales

Country Wales

It has been a great day as we wind around the country back roads of Wales. We stop for a cup of coffee and Explorason is asleep so we have to park the car where we can watch him.

To date, it is the best coffee yet, even though it is in a paper cup (which I detest) but gee it was great. Such a shame, as turns out it was a tea room where we could have sat in a 400-year-old building with pretty floral cups and saucers, and lifted the ‘pinky finger’ and had a real cream tea!


Exploramum and Explorason – country hospitality in Wales

There are waterwheels and lovely bridges and it is so green and lush.

It seems that after every 5 minutes, we are hopping in and out of the car for a quick walk or a photograph. It is just lovely!

We head through pretty coastal towns like Aberystwyth.


Exploramum and Explorason – Aberystwyth #1

Although the weather was grey, it was still nice to see and the buildings in their pastel colors made for great pictures.

The old pier is amazing and is like stepping back in time.

We enjoyed a walk along the beach front and the sea air made us hungry.  So we stopped and had a meal in a marquee type store right on the boardwalk area.  The price was great and so was the food!  I also scored a book of poems that was ink signed 1857 for fifty pence so I was pretty happy about that.

We continued down the coastal road and stopped for yet more photographs, and loved the fact that the blue sky was shining through the clouds.

Interestingly the butcher was in a van, so we stopped for a photo of that too.

Dolphin tours are everywhere along the coast, but we missed one by about 15 minutes so that made the decision easier to keep driving.


Exploramum and Explorason – Welsh coastal towns

We also saw an old Fort area made with the grasses from hundreds of years ago. Again we tried to stop, but it was about to close and so we had to give that a miss. But it was great to see from a distance anyway.

St. David’s was the next stop. As we step through the arch, we long to look at the church named after the patron saint of Wales.

A throng of tourists seem to be around and so we join them in our amble down the slopes toward the cathedral.


Exploramum and Explorason – St. David’s Cathedral

We sidetrack at a pretty little cottage and love the red painted doorway. This is just inside the arch area and leads down a winding lane.

Explorason wants to walk on the wall, but as a cautious Mum, it is agreed he sits.

Explorason enjoys finding the images on the columns and we say a prayer for our journey and light the candles too.

We have selected a place to stay and it is about 1 hour from Saint Davids and so we journey on. We are the only guests and it is lovely and clean and warm.  It is in Lawrenny and it is slightly inland.

We hear music playing and so we hop into the car and end up at a Cider Festival.  This is interesting as it is at a Yacht Club and also at the side of the pub.  We feel a bit like we gatecrashed a party. No-one talks to us and I drink my warm cider. We have a dance and head off to make our dinner back where we are staying.

As soon as we get back the rain comes down, and we are glad we have the place to ourselves and it is snug and warm.

As our journey continues through Wales tomorrow we have an early night and look forward to a new day in the morning.

Tomorrow holds a treat, and we are all excited!

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