Faces of Tacilevu – Fiji

Faces of Tacilevu – Fiji

Here are some of the new friends we got to know in Tacilevu. The Faces of Tacilevu – Fiji. I love the shots I get regardless of the fact that I am only using a small camera.
Also, I am quite proud that my seven-year-old son has learnt to crop these pictures,
and says he might want to become a professional photographer and show the rest of the world how other people live!
This girl is uper quiet, but every time I turned, she was there.
She really practiced her modeling for this shot.
This little girl is always so happy.
A little cutie.
She has natural poise and beauty …
…and stunning eyes!
My 2 friends followed me everywhere – and asked for their photo to be taken.
A couple of the Mums asked if we could take a photo of them.
She had rotten teeth and wanted to hide them.  But she had saucer eyes.
Thumbs up when we handed out balloons!
He was a little shy.
What a smile!
This lady had gorgeous lips, and looked like a young Whoopi Goldberg.
She “loved” her new dress.
Looking manly!
How to put the baby to sleep – sunnies!
Watching us leave.
More kids looking out the window as we drive off.
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