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Ladies, Let’s Get Packing For Your Cruise

Australia is cold and wintery right now and is experiencing a bitterly cold season. So we’re thinking that either a cruise, or a trip to a warmer destination like one of the Pacific or Caribbean Islands, the Mediterranean, or maybe even S.E. Asia, might just be next on our agenda. We loved when we cruised […]

A Road Trip Around Viti Levu, Fiji

A road trip around Viti Levu, Fiji These are the last two days of our very memorable single parent travel journey in Fiji as we’ve just flown from Savusavu. We need a trip around Viti Levu (or Vitae Levu), Fiji. So as ‘explorers’, we decide we will hire a little car from Nadi and drive […]

Last days at Savusavu Island Fiji

Last days at Savusavu, Fiji The last two days at Savusavu, Fiji have been just wonderful. Over the last couple of weeks, we have made friends with ‘Dave’ and ‘Aoife’ from Ireland. ‘Dave’ is training for a triathlon in Canada and is super fit. So he kindly takes my son out so I can catch […]

Faces of Tacilevu – Savusavu Island Fiji

Faces of Tacilevu – Fiji Here are some of the new friends we got to know in the village of Tacilevu. They are the Faces of Tacilevu – Fiji. I love these photos, regardless of the fact that I am only using a small instant camera.  I, however, understand that I will need to get a […]

Random Acts Of Kindness In Fiji

Tacilevu Village receives donated goods Thank you to all who helped donate! It is Saturday and it has been raining for days here on Savusavu Island but its time for our first major Random Acts Of Kindness. Over the past two weeks, we have been receiving monetary donations to help a village about 40 km […]

What is a Lovo ?

A day on a Fiji farm for a 7-year-old Australian boy We are awake at 5:30 a.m. on the island of Savusavu Fiji to catch the early bus to the foothills. Our friends ‘Marylyn’ and ‘Dave’ (50/50 Australian & Fijian) own rural property. Their caretaker ‘Julian’ and his sweet wife ‘Lele’ are organizing a ‘Lovo’. Now a ‘Lovo’ […]

Hidden Naselesele Waterfall on Savusavu Island Fiji

Hidden Naselesele Waterfall (on the road to Bua) We are house sitting on the island of Savusavu in Fiji, n Sunday we decided to ‘find a waterfall’, so we hopped into the hire car – that we hired thanks to the knowledge of  some luxury travel experts in the region – and headed through the […]

Less Is More – So Poor Yet So Happy – A Fijian Village

Less is more – so poor, yet so happy The weekend has arrived on Savusavu island, and it is time to explore the unknown, so we hired a little 4WD vehicle where we learn a valuable lesson about how locals can be so poor yet so happy.  We hope to find a beach in a […]

Labasa Fiji – an Indian Town

Labasa Fiji – an Indian Town Yesterday we woke at 5:30 a.m. in preparation to walk to town, and get the early bus to Labasa (pronounced Lambassa).  We have been house sitting and are part way through, based in Savusavu. Our friends Marilyn and Dave who own a farm here were also on the bus […]

The Joy Of Giving To Those Who Can Never Repay

The joy of giving to the kids who are less fortunate than us One of the joys of staying for a while in one place is that you become a traveler and get to know the locals, shop at the marketplaces, make friends with your neighbors, and other people visiting the area as we did […]

School in Savusavu Fiji for an Australian Boy

School in Savusavu Fiji for an Aussie boy (Son in his school shirt and sandals – first day) Seven-year-old goes to school in Savusavu, Fiji We have to visit the “Head Teacher” at the school in Savusavu to see if my son will be accepted into Khemendra Central Primary School. It is an international school […]