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Stuck in Sucre Bolivia Road Blockages

We should be heading for Brazil from Sucre, however, there seem to be road blockages on every exit out of the country. Road Blockages I have already booked our bus tickets to Santa Cruz. Initially, we were told that this was a 24-hour strike on all major roads in out of the city with road blockages. Then we […]

Dinosaur Footprints in Sucre Bolivia

It is Monday, and time to go exploring for dinosaur footprints which we are pretty excited about. Today’s exploring in Sucre, Bolivia is on an educational level. One thing, as a single traveling parent that I try to keep a balance with, is education and exploring. This needs to be balanced with rest and fun […]

Visiting Tarabuco Market Town in Bolivia

We are up early this Sunday having booked a bus to Tarabuco – an area 2 hours from Sucre and famous as a market town in Bolivia. The Eventful Bus Ride Passengers We had a bit of an eventful bus trip to get here. You know all about it I’m sure. The loud, the drunk, the […]

Poor On The Streets That We Want To Help in Sucre Bolivia

There are so many poor on the streets that we want to help in Sucre Bolivia that we don’t know where to start. The old city is glorious, but as we visit we pass many old ladies and men sitting and begging. Dogs wander the streets, but it is the begging children that we are […]

Long Bus Ride To Potasi. Things Go Wrong in Bolivia

Today we find ourselves on an unexpected long bus ride. We want to move out of Uyuni as the past 2 days have been a nightmare. My son is weak from being in the hospital, and I want to move on in case he needs treatment at somewhere not so remote. Arriving For The Bus We […]

Salt Flats Uyuni Jirira Posada Dona Lupe Bolivia

Our dream has been to stay in some of the most unique accommodations in the world and one of those we hope for is a house made of salt bricks at Posada Dona Lupe. Bus Comfort This bus is freezing cold as the side window has slowly worked open. My attempts to shove a plastic bag […]

La Paz to Uyuni Bolivia with a Maniac Driver at Night

  “Oh my gosh” we declare, as our maniac driver weaves in and out of cement barricades at high speed. This is one fearful ride as we head out on our bus to Uyuni to visit the Salt Flats of Bolivia. I am pleased to have woken up feeling pretty well and not nearly as […]

La Paz Bolivia and Altitude Sickness

I wake feeling like I have been run over by a bus, and then I remember I have just been on a bus for all of yesterday from Peru and I have Altitude Sickness. Altitude Sickness Strikes Here I am, lying in bed and experiencing Altitude Sickness in La Paz. Waking up feeling like vomiting isn’t the best […]

Puno Peru to Copacabana to La Paz Bolivia

Today we are heading from Puno via Copacabana to La Paz by coach. Tour Scams We have already lost money on a tour we had with Escandinavia Travel. They were unable to complete the tour (stating the borders were all closed but refused to give us a refund) They tried to take us on local tours […]

Discovering Puno Peru With a Child

We need a day to unwind yet we are also hoping to combine some time today in discovering Puno township and surrounding area before we leave. Laundry Day Having some washing to do, I set to this early so the bathroom is a ‘no-go’ zone with three lines strung up. This is the non-glamorous side of […]

Staying with a Local Family and Isla Taquile Peru

Our day is action-packed as we head from Isla Amantani to Isla Taquile and back to Puno. Sickness I have a migraine that has kept me awake all night. Though sickness might spoil your plans, do not let it spoil your day or night. Isla Taquile Thanks to altitude sickness, I get to see an amazing […]

Arequipa Day Tour is Well Worth Every Peruvian Sol

Today we are heading out on an Arequipa Day Tour.  Now let me warn you if you plan this to put on your running shoes, as there are so many places to be visited on this half-day tour and you will wish you had a whole day. Shop Around For The Best Price Firstly, I […]