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Terracotta Casa and El Fossil – Villa de Leyva

Terracotta Casa & El Fossil – Villa de Leyva We grabbed ourselves a taxi from Villa de Leyva and off we go to Terracotta Casa. I have been waiting to see this house for years! Apparently – Colombian architect Octavio Mendoza Morales had a dream and the house was seen in his vision whilst sleeping. He […]

Pizza Niz Restaurant And Café – Guatavita Colombia

 Pizza Niz Restaurant and Café Name: Pizza Niz Location:  Guatavita, Colombia Review: As we wander around Guatavita on the way to Pizza Niz we notice there are 2 distinct sections. The main colonial square and surrounding old city, and then crossing the main road and up the hill another part of the city. Apart from weekends, the town of […]

Zipaquira Salt Cathedral Is An Awesome Place To Visit

Zipaquira Salt Cathedral Is An Awesome Place To Visit Today sees us leaving Bogota by taking two buses to arrive at Zipaquira Salt Cathedral. Both buses are lovely, clean and comfortable compared to the ones we took in Panama. Here the interior decor of the bus is different and we notice the crosses and Mary pictures […]

Bogota Colombia Is Safe To Travel With Kids

Bogota Colombia Is Safe To Travel With Kids If I had a dollar for every concerned friend who was concerned if Bogota Colombia is safe to travel with kids I would be a rich woman.  Today is our first real day since arriving from Panama that we have to explore Bogota. We did very little […]

Toilet Times – Interesting Bathrooms Around The World #1

Toilet Times Interesting bathrooms around the world – #1 Toilet Times in Peru Toilet – well a hole in the floor. Floating Reed Islands off Copacabana, Peru. Local luxury travel experts would definitely warn you of all the accommodations that have such poor unhygienic utilities. Try avoiding such risks as your health is more important than […]