Bonito to Campo Grande Brazil Then Onto Rio De Janeiro

Due to my foot injury, we’ve had two extra nights waiting to travel from Bonito to Campe Grande.

Why We take A Mini Van

This meant we are unable to go to the bus station and take a regular bus as I couldn’t hobble there, and the moto-taxis are motorbikes, which are useless with luggage.

So we have to pay more for a minivan that can go door to door from Bonito to Campe Grande. We bid goodbye to all the friends we have made during our stay at Catarino’s Guest House once the driver arrives. Our stay has definitely been enjoyable here and the huge breakfasts go down in history.

Mini Van Hassles

While minivans are good, they have an air conditioning that is cranked up. As a result, windows cannot be opened and I discovered that high seats prevent passengers from seeing what is ahead.  This would be a long ride from Bonito to Campe Grande!

Rest Stops – Bonito to Campe Grande

Bonito to Campe Grande

©Exploramum and Explorason – we enjoy buying souvenirs at this rest stop en route from Bonito to Campe Grande

I had an issue with the driver since I didn’t understand why he couldn’t allow me to use the washrooms yet we had stopped at a service station for fuel – next time I will just get out and not ask!

Regardless of the minor hiccups, we were able to make a restroom stop after about half an hour.

It was a great stop with an abundance of food options, and touristy souvenirs.

Little Hut Houses

As we drive along, we pass a lot of small huts where locals live by the roadside.

After a bit of a ‘discussion with the driver’, who tries to leave us at the Campe Grande airport instead of the agreed Guesthouse we paid to get delivered to.  We finally get him to agree to take us to the accommodation. He drops us around the corner which still makes a challenge for me to walk with my foot.  My 8-year-old son gets quite frank with him that this is “NOT OK as my Mum has a hurt foot”. The driver then drops us a block away from our booked Guesthouse and I am glad we are finally there.

We have complimentary accommodation here in Campe Grande as part of our tour of The Pantanal. In hindsight, we should have not bothered and just flown straight to Rio.

When we show our voucher to the staff at the Guesthouse, a number of rooms are shown to us. I, however, tell the man in charge that I cannot go upstairs and so we get a room on the ground floor. It is so basic that I would not recommend this place or even name it. There are other reasons I will not list, but I don’t want to stay more than a night here.  Thankfully though, it has a private ensuite bathroom and looks okay.

Hunting For a Restaurant

Once we are checked into our Guesthouse, next is to go get some lunch. Most of the food businesses here are quite expensive. I grumble as we end up at a hamburger place. I am so over junk food and fizzy drinks and I want healthy food. We get back to the Guesthouse. We hang by the pool and do our emails and blogs.

My son is in a mood and he doesn’t like staying here, and he also does not want his photo taken. He wants to have some ‘me’ time, so I leave him to it.


Bonito to Campe Grande

©Exploramum and Explorason – the pool at the Guesthouse

Next day we are up early, and breakfast is by the pool. My son has a huge complaint about the food choices and is missing home comforts.  I’m glad we are going to be housesitting after this so I can do some quality home cooking and we can have some home time. He is in a non-adapt phase and won’t try new which is common with kids that travel I later find out. Today he just wants Vegemite and Australian food.

For breakfast today he is getting bread rolls, fresh fruit, eggs, and no cereal.


flying to Rio

©Exploramum and Explorason – Campe Grande airport

It is thankfully the last day of travel for a while and we are excited to go leave for the airport which is close by.

I am amazed that the luggage is not weighed at the airport. We head off to find our flight and we love the giant display board!

We have found a fabulous deal online. With the World Cup and future Olympics, Brazil is set to fly. Great last minute specials actually do exist.

We have a pretty short flight. We crane our heads to see Christ The Redeemer from the air with no joy. Finally, we arrive and are ready for our next house sit. Rio de Janeiro – here we come!

Comments and Questions

  • Have you ever arrived at the accommodation you don’t like or is not up to standard?
  • What did you do?
  • How would you suggest feeding a child when they miss the foods from their home country?
  • Please tell us in the comments below – we would love to hear your ideas.

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