South Italy. Pizza, Crumbling Buildings, And The Mafia

As our South Italy train slowly comes to a halt in the Naples Central Station, we can almost smell the aroma of pizza, mixed with the musty smell of old decaying buildings, as the worn and damaged cobblestone paths dipped and fell under our feet.  The air is filled with mystery as Napoli, as it […]

Pizza in Pisa – no, we went to IKEA instead

Pizza in Pisa – no, we went to IKEA instead Please vote for me as we would love to win this blog competition and it just takes 1 minute to add your email address and then confirm. Click Here. We have just been and spend several hectic days in Rome, and on the way, we had […]

Puno Peru to Copacabana to La Paz Bolivia

Today we are heading from Puno via Copacabana to La Paz by coach. Tour Scams We have already lost money on a tour we had with Escandinavia Travel. They were unable to complete the tour (stating the borders were all closed but refused to give us a refund) They tried to take us on local tours […]

Happy 8th Birthday World Traveling Son

Happy 8th Birthday World Traveling Son We have just started our 8th month of travel and now it’s Happy 8th Birthday to Explorason. In this article, we talk about how you can celebrate a child’s birthday while traveling with some tips, tricks, and ideas that might assist you. Over the months I have been saving […]

Pizza Niz Restaurant And Café – Guatavita Colombia

 Pizza Niz Restaurant and Café Name: Pizza Niz Location:  Guatavita, Colombia Review: As we wander around Guatavita on the way to Pizza Niz we notice there are 2 distinct sections. The main colonial square and surrounding old city, and then crossing the main road and up the hill another part of the city. Apart from weekends, the town of […]