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Moon Bar

©Exploramum and Explorason – Moon Bar, Banyan Tree, Bangkok, Thailand

They say “time goes fast when you’re having fun“, and we have had so much fun in Thailand this past month that I am convinced that is why time seems to have flown by!  In fact, I’m a little in shock that the month is nearly over.

We ran out of time to do all we wanted to do when we first stayed at Banyan Tree Bangkok earlier in our travels here, prior to heading to the coast.

We’re back in Bangkok again

With just over five weeks until Christmas, I have gifts yet to buy, and with Bangkok being famous for shopping, this also lured us back here to this ‘shopping mecca’ once more.

We love the fact that there is either the traditional Tuk-Tuk, or the hotel shuttle van and drop us to the markets on the weekend, or to the Skytrain BTS or MRT stations (so our legs don’t get too tired when we are shopping).

Moon Bar

©Exploramum and Explorason – Moon Bar, Banyan Tree, Bangkok, Thailand

But the main reason was that we wanted to dine at the Vertigo Restaurant on the rooftop of The Banyan Tree Hotel, Bangkok.

Earlier in the month we had tried the Moon Bar and loved it, and this time we decided we really would like to try a dining experience under the stars.

The Lobby Banyan Tree Bangkok

©Exploramum and Explorason – The Foyer, Banyan Tree, Bangkok, Thailand

How to access the Vertigo Restaurant and Moon Bar

To access the rooftop you need to select the correct elevators.

When entering the Banyan Tree resort-style hotel, this the first set of elevators that go to the guest rooms – you do not want these.

Walk through the entire lobby and use the second set and then go to the very top floor.

Here on the top level, you will need to use stairs to access the rooftop area.

Vertigo Restaurant

©Exploramum and Explorason – Vertigo Restaurant, Banyan Tree, Bangkok, Thailand

The million-dollar view

When we first arrived the evening breeze was blowing slightly, and we were shown to a table on the upper level – this is about as high as you can go, and the view over the city is simply breathtaking!

We sit and relax and watch the sunset with a drink – this is our very last night sleeping in Bangkok, and we want the memory to be special.

Vertigo Restaurant

©Exploramum and Explorason – Vertigo Restaurant, Banyan Tree, Bangkok, Thailand

A place to celebrate

I love watching the crowd roll in to dine like the evening tide.  This is a place to book your special table to celebrate an event in your life ….. from anniversaries to birthdays, and of course, many proposals are celebrated here on this very rooftop.

We are celebrating too.  

Tomorrow night we fly out at midnight to Europe where a new chapter of our travel life begins.

I enjoy new chapters because I find each part of our travel life holds its own special memories. I don’t want memories all ‘rolling into one’, and so it is good to change continents and seasons from time to time.

Our dining experience

Dinner begins to be served, and we have each selected the Caesar Salad to start – Explorason has a meat one and I have salmon, and we follow this with a berry sorbet palette cleanser.

Each course has been selected and carefully paired with a glass of wine for myself.

Banyan Tree Bangkok

©Exploramum and Explorason – Selected wine accompanies each course

Accompanied by fine wine

The first wine is a Sauvignon Blanc and with my main course, it is a crisp Chardonnay.

Important touches

A discrete handbag stand/rest seemed to appear ‘like magic’ and placed underneath the table (to prevent my vintage Louis Vuitton handbag from having to rest on the floor).

This is the kind of impeccable service here at Vertigo Restaurant and Banyan Tree Bangkok.

My well-mannered son

“Please pass on my compliments to the chef,” Explorason politely says to our waiter.  They are all smiles and he has loved his Australian Beef – cooked to perfection!

I am actually quite impressed by my son’s good behavior, and he knows that he gets to experience so much of this amazing world, and he thankfully does not take it for granted.

Vertigo Restaurant

©Exploramum and Explorason – Explorason with one of the friendly staff

Friendly Thai Service

Of course, there is always room for dessert with this boy!

A glass of sweet dessert wine accompanies mine, and as I sit and ponder our time in Thailand I don’t want to leave! I feel the gentle warm breeze, and I look out across the city of Bangkok and I think back to the first time I visited here nearly 30 years ago.  How this city has changed.

How progressive it is now in this corner of South-East Asia. How simply amazing Bangkok is, but one thing hasn’t changed, and that is the warm hearts of the Thai people, and their beautiful service and smiles. We will miss them and are so grateful for the time we have had here.

Our two bedroom suite

We head downstairs to our lovely two bedroom suite. It is on the same floor as we stayed last time, but the layout is different. Last time it was a long suite with a bedroom at either end and this time it is an L-shape Executive Suite.

Explorason is thrilled yet again to have his own room. I notice he likes his own space, time to close the door and have his personal time, and that is important for long-term travel too.  It also means I get some much-needed privacy, and I like the fact we each have our own en-suite bathroom too.

Banyan Tree Bangkok

©Exploramum and Explorason – kids are special here

Kids feel special here

From the moment he checked in, he has been given incredible attention – even being requested to ‘sign himself in’, which secretly he was pretty thrilled about, and it made him feel important.

Earlier today when we were shown into our suite, he was asked by the staff if he would like his two beds separate, or together ‘so he could roll around’. He smiled and requested together.

Children are made to feel important here, and that is something I noticed and it stands out. Everyone from the from concierge and doorman to the restaurant staff. They find out my child’s special interests and they engage in conversations with them.  He is not considered ‘a pest’ or an inconvenience like some hotels can make kids feel. One staff member discovered his passion for YouTube gaming reviews and would talk to him and encourage him each time they saw each other.

My son also feels very welcome at the Executive Club, and we visit here a couple of times a day. Here is where we start our mornings with a hearty breakfast before we head out to conquer our shopping list. We also pop in for a snack (‘hollow legs’ on this boy) as well as ‘Happy Hour’ each evening.

Meet Mr. Wat

One special way I noticed that children also were made to feel included and valued was by a man called ‘Mr. Wat’ that we met on their staff in the Executive Club one evening.

Mr. Wat sought out Explorason and proceeded to entertain him with his magic tricks, slight of hand, and quick wit.

(I didn’t have my camera so these photos aren’t too good as I had to screenshot from the movie I took of him on my phone).

He was amazing and so entertaining. Thank you! Mr. Wat. You made us laugh.

The little extras

On our last evening, we return to our room to see that our complimentary laundry service (all part of the Executive Club room extras) has returned our winter clothes freshly laundered for our journey.  There, also my winter boots have been returned all nicely polished.

Limousine service

It is hard to comprehend that we will be boarding a plane later tonight, and in a few hours, we will be looking at the snow of Kiev at the airport. Then it is onto Europe.

Banyan Tree Bangkok

©Exploramum and Explorason – Limousine to the airport

We have organized to finish our time in Bangkok in style. The Banyan Tree Bangkok has a limousine service that guests can arrange (to either be collected or dropped to the airport and bookings need to be made through the hotel).

Thank you Banyan Tree Bangkok

We would like to thank the Banyan Tree Bangkok for making the last days of our Thai trip so special.

We just love staying with you and feel like some of the staff are now our friends, and that this is ‘home away from home’.

You are all so wonderful and I hope we can share with the world that you are a fabulous hotel to add to any traveler’s itinerary that is heading your way.

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