BIG Blog Exchange 2014

Big Blog Exchange 2014

Then travels can continue with Random Acts of Kindness to help others along the way.

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Exploramum and Explorason – BIG Blog Exchange 2014 Minecraft Logo

So here I sit in Italy.

One single Mum from Australia – Exploramum, and I sit with one 9-year-old boy – Explorason.

So far we have traveled through 33 countries, and we are now in our 3rd year of continuous travel.

A large focus of our travels is that from time to time we are performing Random Acts of Kindness – this means helping the poor, or reaching out to others and just blessing them and being kind to them.

This was easy to do when we were in South America.  There we helped a lot of the poor in the streets. Mainly beggars, but some did not beg. We would assist with food, clothing, money and whatever touched our hearts at the time.

I remember assisting a lady with a huge cancerous growth on her neck. We paid for her in Bolivia to take a cable car (Teleferico) so she could get up a dry, dusty and high mountain – to the ‘feet of Jesus’ to beg.  At that time I had no idea she was a beggar.  We bought her a drink when we got to the top, and when she pulled out her cup, I thought it was so she would pour her drink from the bottle, but it was to gather some coins.  She touched my heart.

So did the kids of Fiji. We raised funds after meeting a very poor village and filled the car with goodies for them.  It was a wonderful day, as our friends could see where their donations went.


Exploramum and Explorason – Some of the Fiji kids we donated clothes too.  Note: the girl in the red ‘dress’ is wearing a man’s singlet only. There was no electricity or running water here either.

Another time that comes to mind in Peru, was when a man was dragging himself using his elbows to pull himself along the street. He was trying to go and get food to eat.  At first, I passed him, and then I felt touched that I am fortunate this is not my son. But it is someone’s son.  So I went back.  I gave him enough money for a couple of meals.  I left there and cried and cried.

I realized travel is more than seeing the world.  It is seeing the hearts of the people in the places we go.

And this is what I want to teach my son.  To look past the skin, and to see the heart.

It is fitting he enjoys Minecraft. This is a computer programme where kids can create what they want in that world. Build, mine and decorate, and interact with others.  He uses this as part of his schooling.  In fact, we World-school as we travel.

So I found it interesting yesterday when he (off his own back), decided to create the logo of this blogging competition we are entering.  We want to enter so we can share our travels and blog with others.  Here is his creation as a billboard in part of his world.

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 10.11.27 AM

Exploramum and Explorason – Big Blog Exchange 2014 logo he built in Explorason’s Minecraft world

He has also created his own ‘skin’ or identity, and unique name in this world.

So I ask you?

What ‘skin’ do you wear?

How do people see you?

If you travel do you have a purpose to your travels?

We use ours to try to help others, but we also use it to educate my son.

To see, feel, touch and explore, and then back that up with education. This really is a great way to immerse him in the learning process. For example, we studied Ancient Rome after visiting Rome.  It all made sense once he has been there, and it has ‘come to life’ for him.


Exploramum and Explorason – Worldschooling after a visit to Rome, Italy

Another time recently we went to Volubilis, Morocco, and here we outsourced education in the form of a guide. It was like a one-on-one tutor for Explorason.  History came to life.


Exploramum and Explorason – World Schooling in Morocco with a guide

Another focus of our blog is to motivate others that they can travel; change their lives, and follow their dreams.

I especially want to encourage and motivate single parents that they can travel with their children, and get out of their rut and survival mode (if they are in one). It is affordable.


Exploramum and Explorason – Meeting other traveling families

So here we sit in Italy.

We want to continue our travels and explore and experience many more cultures.

We also want to help many more people we meet on our journey, with our Random Acts of Kindness.

Can you vote for us and help us to share our journey with the world?

We would really appreciate it if you can.

It takes about one minute.

All you need to do is click on this red underlined link and then reply to the email you are sent. It is confidential, and your email address is solely for confirmation.

Now take that minute and click here BIG BLOG EXCHANGE Competition

In helping us, we can continue to travel and help others too.

And please take another minute if you have time, and share our blog – thanks ever so much – Exploramum and Explorason


Exploramum and Explorason – Laughing with the local ladies in South America

Questions and Comments

  • Are you a family that travels permanently?
  • What is your take on families that travel permanently?
  • What do you make of my travel articles?
  • Do share your experiences and comments with us below.


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