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So the time has come to leave Kenya and we just so don’t want to leave.  We’ve been busy at a local orphanage, and staying at a great hotel, so I am not surprised that I somehow managed to confuse our exit flight., I discovered a treasure at the airport that I believe will be of great interest to every traveler planning to visit the country.

Most of you probably know TAV Primeclass since it is an international business with lounges in many international airports.

I was all prepared to leave mid-afternoon, but soon realized that time was or our connecting flight in Ethiopia, and not here in Kenya.

I discovered a treasure at the airport that I believe will be of great interest to every traveler planning to visit the country. Most of you probably know TAV Primeclass since it is an international business with lounges in many international airports. The good news is that it is finally in Kenya. It is worth noting that TAV Primeclass requires that you register with them if you are to enjoy their excellent services.

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Here are the 10 things you get to enjoy

from using the new lounge in Nairobi


Here at Primeclass, we were able to have breakfast, but you can also have lunch or dinner depending on the time you get to the airport. I find this to be very economical given that meals are always too expensive at the airport.

One thing I love about this lounge is that it has self-service buffet options, which allows you to serve a variety of mouthwatering cuisines and enjoy them as you wait for your flight.


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Kids Corner

If you are a single parent like me, you will understand the need for such a spot. The Kids Corner allows your child to experience the fun side of being at an airport. It also allows the child to interact with other children and make new friends. Parents can have some alone time in such moments, fully focusing on what they expect when they get to their destination. I am impressed that this specific lounge has different games, including Xbox and PlayStation games.


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Baby Care Corner

I feel like the world has in the recent years been very unfair to nursing mothers. It has so many restrictions on what these mothers need not do while in public, yet there are few facilities for private use at their disposal. Having a baby care corner at the lounge, therefore, comes as a relief to many of them. It allows them to have ample time caring for their babies without any interruptions or insults. While I don’t have a small baby, I felt so good seeing the smiles on the faces of nursing mothers as they rushed to use the baby care corner.


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The first question out of Explorason’s mouth is usually, “What’s the wifi password please?”

Those who know me know that I also cannot live without Wi-Fi. It helps me stay connected to my family and loved ones. It also allows me to handle my online businesses more effectively. I believe that my story is similar to that of many other travelers who just can’t imagine a second without an internet connection. Wi-Fi connectivity is indeed an easy way to access the internet.


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Newspapers and Magazines

You can get both local and international news from the newspapers and magazines available in the lounge. I personally love magazines since they are always interesting to read.

So don’t worry if you are a reader here at the PrimeClass lounges: you are covered.


Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are served in the lounge. If you are a coffee lover like me, you won’t help but keep asking for more coffee when you visit the lounge.  the perfect cappuccino or espresso awaits you – or whatever your favorite coffee might be.  Kenya is also world famous for coffee, so don’t leave Kenya without tasting a cup of their delicious brew.

Tea lovers can opt for tea or any other drink that they desire to have. You have an option of either having a hot drink in cold seasons and a cold drink in hot seasons. Or let’s just say you can decide to disobey weather since the weather within the lounge is always regulated and is never a reflection of the actual weather experienced outside.

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Shower Rooms

After the hustles and bustle of finding your way to the airport, you might feel sweaty and very fatigued. This is something most travelers experience when they finally get to the airport.

It is so cool that there is a place you can rush into and have a quick ‘bathing’ or wash as you wait for your flight as well as wonderful restrooms.

This is very useful since it gives you an opportunity to get into the plane feeling fresh and very relaxed.

You will find this very important more so when you are taking long flights.

If you are resting between flights as a stopover destination, I find there is nothing nicer than a refreshing shower!


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Quiet Zone

I hate goodbyes.

I really do. Goodbyes make me sad and we have had too many of them.  This is why I always find myself feeling low whenever I leave certain countries or say goodbye to new and old friends. I have however found peace in having some time alone during such emotional moments. The quiet zone at the lounge was particularly useful to me when I left Kenya since it helped me readjust my mind to focus on our next destination and challenge. You can use the quiet zone to reflect more on your failures, achievements, and goals. At least you will be feeling more at peace getting into the plane with a clear mind of why you do what you do.


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Prayer Room

It’s lovely to have a nice cup of coffee and some peace and quiet, but sometimes we want total alone time to talk to God. If you are a believer, then you are likely to find this room very useful. This is very different from quiet zone since quiet zone attracts everyone-both religious and non-religious. So when you feel like praying, I would advise you use the prayer room instead of the quiet zone.


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Information Screen

No one ever wishes to miss his/her flight.

It is just very terrible to miss a flight, more so if you are on a tight schedule. It means that all your plans get ruined as you lose so much time waiting for the next flight. This is why you will find the information screen within the lounge very useful. This screen allows you to monitor the information being passed out by your airline and therefore you are able to know the right time to leave the lounge and head for the plane.

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