Ten Things to do for kids in snowy Liechtenstein

Birthday Celebrations for Explorason Turning Ten and Ten “S” Things to do in Liechtenstein One week ago, I wasn’t quite sure where we would be for my son’s 10th Birthday. Last year we planned our travels around it for months and decided as he was born on St. Patrick’s Day that it had to be […]

Celebrating in Style on Novi Sad Serbia

Last year we traveled through Serbia at lightning speed. In fact, it was all of 24 hours with a quick, but wonderful stay. But we had a taste of Serbia. And this taste of wonderful Serbian hospitality and friendship made us want to come back for more. So for this reason, we decided to choose […]

St. Patrick’s Day Birthday in Dublin

St. Patrick’s Day Birthday in Dublin for a 9-year-old Australian boy. The reason we chose Ireland for this part of our journey, was because Explorason was born on this day – 9 years ago!  So when we talked months ago about where he wanted to be for his birthday, he chose here – Dublin! The […]

Birthday in Nassau Bahamas

Birthday in Nassau Bahamas We just had an eventful and stressful last few days trying to get out of Cuba. It cost us hundreds of dollars I never budget on. But the good thing is we did get a really cheap flight to The Bahamas. So as we fly over, I’m pretty excited! When we […]

Happy 8th Birthday World Traveling Son

Happy 8th Birthday World Traveling Son We have just started our 8th month of travel and now it’s Happy 8th Birthday to Explorason. In this article, we talk about how you can celebrate a child’s birthday while traveling with some tips, tricks, and ideas that might assist you. Over the months I have been saving […]