Thailand Beach – Which fabulous destination is right for you?

Which of Thailand’s fabulous beach destinations is right for you? You can never go wrong with a beach, and Thailand has its fair share of them to choose from. Whether you’re looking to enjoy fresh seafood, take part in some exciting water sports, or just want to waste away the days with a good book […]

3D – The Latest In Family Fun

If you want to be in the picture, here is the place for you need to go. The latest craze to hit is 3D Art in Paradise Bangkok. We originally found out about 3D Art in Paradise Bangkok by ‘Googling’ the ‘top things to do in Bangkok for kids’, and when we saw how fun it […]

Culinary Journey of Royal Thai Cuisine

Amidst the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, we found some amazing places to visit; great places to shop; awesome tours; a wonderful spa; fabulous hotels; and brilliant shopping. But even with all that, everyone needs time to stop and eat. And not just a quick bite, we decided we wanted to experience some of the […]

The Ultimate In Pampering For Young And Old

Pampering ?????  Everyone you speaks to who has ever been to Bangkok will tell you “you must get a ‘proper’ Thai massage, and a bit of ‘personal pampering’ “.  But on our last night in Thailand, we decided to go one step further. We wanted to both experience being pampered, and we both wanted to […]

Surfing in Bangkok Kids and Adults Must Try

©Exploramum and Explorason – Flow House Bangkok – meeting the instructor Surfing in Bangkok ????? We had heard rave reviews from our friends about Flow House Bangkok, so we decided to pay them a visit whilst holidaying in Bangkok, and have some family fun. I thought for a brief couple of minutes of having a lesson […]

What is Siam Wisdom ?

Have you ever seen a tree growing inside a building? If you visit Siam Wisdom Restaurant in Bangkok then this is what awaits you, and both children and adults find it fascinating. I’m not sure which came first. The tree, or the restaurant? But nestled inside this traditional wooden two-story building, is a massive tree bursting forth […]

Bangkok – Best Buffet Brunch With A View

If you are heading to Bangkok, then be sure to book a table for the famous Novotel Platinum Pratunam Brunch Buffet. We chose the Weekday International Buffet, and even though we ran a little late, we managed to get there with plenty of food left for us. If I went again I would get there early, take […]

Take A Long-tail Boat Tour in Bangkok

What is a Long-tail?  It is not a long tail of a monkey. Nor has it to anything to do with the long-tailed reptiles that lie on the banks of the rivers in Thailand. As we are in Thailand we will tell you just what they are soon. But first; did you know Bangkok is […]

A Temple In A Tree In Thailand

A temple in a tree is actually possible!  Hidden inside a tree is a Buddhist temple, not far out of Bangkok, Wat Bang Kung is found (around 100 km out of Bangkok), but you need to look to see it because the tree roots have grown over the temple! We’ve just been to the Floating Markets nearby […]

Don’t Miss Floating Markets outside Bangkok Thailand

When we first arrived at Bangkok we were informed that the old Floating Markets of Bangkok were …. gone …. finished …. kaput …. over. Oh No!  Having visited them 30 years ago, they were one of the memories that I thought would remain institutional forever. A memory I wanted to share with my son. […]

Exceeding All Expectations – Bangkok Thailand

We step up to the window and before us is the most magical view of Bangkok City at twilight. Colored taxis whirl below us like ants an army of ants, as the city slowly becomes a speckled display of lights. For us, this is a magical moment. Right outside the bedroom area of our Dusit […]

Simply Stunning Sukosol – Bangkok Thailand

If you would like ‘a little bit of simply stunning’, then take a look at this. We lie on our day beds under the canvas of clear blue sky. Opposite it is the luxurious outdoor swimming pool, and the sun glistens on the cobalt blue water, inviting us in. It is only 10:00 a.m. and we can’t believe we have […]