Thai Service With A Smile

Thailand prides itself on its excellent service.  The Thai’s are precise, punctual, and extremely helpful in most cases, and after a long flight from Kenya, Africa we were so pleased to finally arrive in Bangkok at our centrally located hotel in busy Bangkok.

It was barely dinner time, but I hadn’t slept much in the last three nights.  To think just three nights before we were on Lamu Island off the coast of Kenya. Then two nights ago we were sleeping in the National Park at Nairobi Tented Camp – but that night it rained so hard the tent was like a drum, and I managed little sleep. And of course last night we flew here with a four hour stop at 5 a.m. in Dubai, so really there was no sleep there either.

So when we arrived at the Asia Hotel Bangkok it was all I could do to go and find dinner nearby, and then throw off my clothes and have a lovely relaxing soak in a hot bath in preparation to fall asleep.

We woke pretty late and managed to JUST get down to breakfast (if you book breakfast in your package you need to remember to bring your little breakfast voucher).

So it was lovely to arrive and have such a friendly service.

I was pretty shocked at how busy the restaurant was after relaxing Africa. Obviously, there were a lot more late starters than just us.  We found a nice little nook by the lead-light window, and we had been given a ‘reserved’ sign to pop into a little bamboo holder, so no-one came and sat at our table. I thought this was a great idea.

It was quite a culture shock for us to change from African / European food to Asian / European food, but thankfully the buffet had a hot and cold selection as well as so many stations I couldn’t even find Explorason for a minute. He was busy ‘bopping around’ checking all the choices out.

He, of course, found the salad station to be quite an unusual choice for breakfast for us Australians.

It is interesting how different cultures serve a variety of foods.

The Asia Hotel Bangkok is a fairly large hotel, so it has quite a few in-house stores, restaurants, and facilities.

Over the course of our stay in Bangkok, we will try to show you three choices of accommodation – one to suit most family budgets.

For the 3-4 star hotel – we selected the Asia Hotel Bangkok in this range.

We really liked the friendliness of some of the staff here, and personally, I loved the great central location, and to me, this was reason enough alone to stay here. Famous MBK is just one or two blocks away, as well as other great shopping areas and centers.

Day or night we were able to go out from this central hub.

We could walk or take a tuk-tuk to so many places from here.

We will also show you a 4-5 star.

And a 5-star plus.

The reason we are doing this is that many families have stated they’d like not just 5-star and luxury, yet they would like a nice place to stay.

So whilst the Asia Hotel Bangkok displays some of the grandeur of a lovely property as you can see below, you will find it affordable.

Yet it had some little extra touches like ‘in-house use’ of bathrobes and slippers, a central control pad for the room (Explorason loved that), bottle water for outings; and a hot drink station for making coffee and tea complete with a jug of water.

It even had a drinking water tap in the bathroom – idea for teeth cleaning. These were the little things we noticed that really made us realize they cared about guests.

There were also two massive pools on different levels at Asia Hotel Bangkok. Take a look at this one!

Asia Hotel Bangkok

©Exploramum and Explorason – Thailand, Bangkok – Asia Hotel – one of the two swimming pools

And another spectacular rooftop pool.  What surprised me about Thailand was the sky.  Most of the time it was really clear. We had days of vivid blue and other evenings where the sunset in pretty colors.

Asia Hotel Bangkok

©Exploramum and Explorason – Thailand, Bangkok – Asia Hotel – rooftop pool

But for Explorason, his favorite thing was the customer service at the concierge and front door.

These men made his day.

They would give him little assignments, show him how to get to places on maps, and salute him when our tuk-tuk arrived. These men made it such fun.

So as we wave farewell to the staff at the Asia Hotel Bangkok, we also wave goodbye to our new friends.

Asia Hotel Bangkok 

296 Phya Thai Road, Rajthevee, Bangkok 10400, Thailand

Tel: 662-2170808 Fax: 662-2170109

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