Bolivia (7)

3rd Most Unique Destination In The World

3rd Most Unique Destination In The World This is a place you must visit. A place to add to your bucket list. Jumping onto piles of salt on the worlds biggest Sale Lake. This is an adult and child’s playground as all around you as far as the eye can see is a lake of […]

Uros Amanati Lake Titicaca Bolivia

Uros Amanati  Lake Titicaca Bolivia We were up at 6 a.m. to catch an 8 a.m. boat to Uros, and Amanati Island. We believed we had a tour guide, but when we got on the boat, there was none. So we sat and waited. The boat was loaded with local groceries, and we finally took […]

Isla del Sol Lake Titicaca Bolivia South America

. Isla del Sol  Lake Titicaca Bolivia South America Today we were meant to go to Isla del Sol on the 8:30 a.m. boat, but we had a late dinner and slept in. So we took the 1:30 p.m. boat. This was great as we had met two Australians, and they were the same as […]

La Paz Copacabana Lake Titicaca Bolivia Floating Islands

La Paz Copacabana Lake Titicaca Bolivia Floating Islands When we left La Paz we were told it was a 3.5-hour journey to Copacabana. Now the first thing anyone learns when traveling in South America is never to believe the time they tell you a journey will take. Or for that matter when they will pick […]

A visit to Tiwanaku ruins Bolivia with an 8 year old

A visit to Tiwanaku ruins with an 8-year-old We had booked a tour to Tiwanaku ruins. Our little mini-van was a bit late collecting us. We then did the rounds of hostels and hotels collecting others. So it was about an hour late by the time we exited La Paz. As we hit the ‘burbs’, […]

The poor of Cochabamba, Bolivia

It is better to give than to receive – the poor of Cochabamba, Bolivia When we arrived in Cochabamba, we were instantly struck by the number of beggars in the streets. At first in the nicer areas they were in front of the churches, but soon we noticed they were every few meters in the […]

Teleferico El Cristo Cochabamba Bolivia

Teleferico El Cristo Cochabamba Bolivia After arriving with a sick son in Cochabamba, we took the rest of the first day to recover, and do laundry, and generally rest up.  We had both had gastro, and with my son being sick on the plane, it was a rather stressful day for me. So we also […]

Tarija Bolivia Farewell – My son is sick on the plane

Tarija Bolivia Farewell – My son is sick on the plane As we say farewell to our new friends, the hotel owners of Zeballos Plaza Hotel, there are tears in everyone’s eyes. It has been a wonderful 2 weeks. We have got to know them, and they have been so kind to us. The last three […]

DON’T Post Parcels Bolivia 6 Visits, Police, Sniffer dogs

DON’T Post Parcels from Bolivia  6 Visits, Police, Sniffer dogs Visit #1 On day 1, when we first arrived in Tarija we visited the Correos to inquire about sending our souvenirs back to Australia. We had a fantastic lady. I explained to her we had a couple of longish items and they may not fit […]

Tarija Country Club Canopy in Bolivia

Tarija Country Club – Canopy. A must do (and a bargain) in Bolivia- Our friends at the Zeballos Plaza Hotel have recommended we go to the Tarija Country Club. Some of my luxury travel experts have also told me to give it a try during this family travel of ours. We were going to stay, […]

Dentist in Tarija Bolivia and Zeballos Plaza Hotel

Visiting the dentist in Tarija Bolivia -We recommend Zeballos Plaza Hotel- This blog is a bit backdated since I have not blogged for a while since we arrived in Tarija on this single parent travel of ours. I will, therefore, try to provide you with a detailed information on our past and current experiences in this […]

Friendship from a plastic Coca-cola bottle

A friendship formed from a plastic Coca-cola bottle Last Sunday we decided to walk to find the “white church” that has unusual architecture. Well – we walked right past it – as it is now painted grey! But we did find a kids playground with a cement wave slide. It is filled with traditional and […]