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Whether you are a younger or older adult, incontinence cannot interfere with your travel plans.  No-one wants to miss a plane being caught in the airport bathroom.

Nor is it fun to walk around all day with your jacket tied around your waist.

You might be a busy Mum who has recently experienced childbirth.

Or maybe you find incontinence striking your bowels.  This can occur after surgery, or from illness.

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Call it what you like……

The Thai-dal Wave in Thailand; Montezuma’s Revenge; Bali Belly; Kurtz Hurtz in Uzbekistan; Beaver Fever in Canada; Aztec Two-Step; Mummy’s Tummy in Egypt; Bombay Belly and Delhi Belly in India.  

Then there is Karachi Crouch in Pakistan; Taghazout Tummy in Taghazout; or Kathmandu Quickstep in Nepal.

Incontinence can be quite an ordeal to suffer for many of us, and it can cause shame and humiliation in a public situation.

I know after I suffered a major infection of several of my internal organs in a recent trip to Bali.  Infection of my bladder, a Urinary Tract Infection, Kidney Infection, and Liver Infection was all part of a dreadful bacterial attack on my body that saw me incapacitated and extremely ill for days. In fact, I was unable to travel for over a week and ended up on an IV Drip.  I thought I was going to die.  My body suffered badly, and as a result, I wasn’t confident to even leave the resort room.

Incontinence sufferers don’t choose to be incontinent.  Incontinence doesn’t pick you because of your race, age, or gender. Incontinence sufferers need our understanding, especially if it gets to the level where they would benefit from incontinence pads.

Incontinence does, however, seem to nag at quite a large percentage of women who had experienced childbirth, or who’ve given birth in years gone by.

There is nothing quite as embarrassing as a sneeze, a cough, or a jog that triggers something in the nether regions of your underwear.

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