Dentist in Tarija Bolivia and Zeballos Plaza Hotel

Visiting the dentist in Tarija Bolivia

-We recommend Zeballos Plaza Hotel-

This blog is a bit backdated since I have not blogged for a while since we arrived in Tarija on this single parent travel of ours. I will, therefore, try to provide you with a detailed information on our past and current experiences in this place since our arrival in a mini-bus from VillamontesSome of these experiences could never have been perfectly explained by any luxury travel experts to anyone like us visiting the area on a family travel.

We got here and were so exhausted from the trip. We checked out some 3 hostels, and there was either no one there or in the case of Miraflores, there were bedbugs, so we moved on – gross!

We were fortunate to have found a hostel called Zeballos – which looked pretty good for the money. The owners of Zeballos Plaza Hotel spoke good English and were so kind enough to match the price that was earlier offered to us by the management at Miraflores. They gave us a great room at their hotel.  I was impressed by the fact that they even helped us carry our luggage to the hotel using the 4W drive.

One great thing about Zeballos Plaza Hotel is that the rooms are large, with ensuites for 150 Bolivianos. They were right off the square – just a few buildings away. There is also a supermarket close by.

So once we got there, we went to XOXO on the square for dinner. We had a fabulous night. The food and wine were perfect. They had free wi-fi. (Sadly when we returned here some other nights, they refused to make the same dish on our first night. The service was also terrible. It embarrassed us with our friends).

Next day we went to the fantastic markets. We bought bags of fruit, fresh nuts, and vegetables.

That night we were back at the square. It is a pretty, well-lit square – in fact, there are two at the center.

The fountain changes color, so we often came here for a bit of fun.

The next morning we woke up in our hotel to see the sunrise over the barren distant hills, and by the church in the next street – so gorgeous!

Up the road from our hotel is a beautiful church and square – well worth the walk up. Along the way are many souvenirs shops, and a night market. There is also a well-hidden clothes market in town – you will need to ask to find it. It took me well over a week to locate it!

We were fortunate that during our stay, the Santa Anita festival for children was on. This street festival was filled with sweet food, and toys. My son enjoyed the chocolate marshmallows.

The street festival was a mix of traditional and modern villagers.

What was most interesting was the ladies selling sweet drinks. But what freaked us out, was the number of wasps or bees that were being stirred into the pots.

Many an old lady can be seen in the traditional clothes of Tarija.  They seem well fed.

What surprised us most was the fortune tellers. They put a liquid on your hands, and make you drop a ladle of hot silver into a pot of cold water and it turns into a molten block – from here your fortune and future are told – I doubt it!

Next was the yummy ice-cream – it is not frozen, but it is really nice.

In the central square in the day, you can find all sorts of promotions, and here are some traditional worship dancers.  A dog joined in the dance for a while too.

One of the things we had to do was go to the dentist. My son had lost a few teeth on the trip, and I had managed to chip teeth and need a filling. Although we didn’t speak Spanish, this dentist was fabulous!

Besides giving my son the all clear, he treated and gave us fluoride. One of the highlights was to get to know the hotel owners. One night Grandma and the Grand-daughter were making empanadas.

I was given a lesson on how to make them – heavy concentration, and I think I did OK. We all sat around and ate them later – yum!

Opposite the hotel is a dinosaur and fossil museum. We did an “un-schooling” lesson here – I learned so much!

I think this was the best fossil museum I have been to, to date.

Another night we met a lovely family – originally from Montana and now living in Alaska. We met them twice the next day and shared meals.

It was lovely, as their 11-year-old son Logan was a hit with my son.

Then on our last weekend, we had a treat. We were invited by the hotel owners to go to a food festival. When we got there it was a bit slow. So they took us to a hidden backyard restaurant. Now, this is a treat and if you get to Tarija, I would ask you to find this place. Only on a Saturday! And fish is the specialty of this whiz chef.

So we had an early social start to the weekend.

It was lovely as their son and my son were firm friends now.

Then the treat started.  I was given a tracksuit from the champion racket ball playing owner.  The guys dedicated and sung me songs. Wow – it was such a special time.

Here I am being serenaded – such fun!

The party just kept getting bigger and better. Old men sat and played games. Families ate and drank and socialized. Friends sang and danced.

Later that day we returned for more singing and guitar playing at the hotel.


Los Velotes   Another restaurant we went to 3 times, and one we definitely would recommend is Los Velotes – Mexican. Calle General Trigo – 3 blocks down and on the same side as Hotel Zeballos. The food is fabulous. They make a wonderful rice drink too.  And the prices are great!  Fabulously clean, friendly, and English speaking.

We definitely recommend them! Zeballos Plazo Hotel  Definitely has made a firm friendship and love the service we had here on General Trigo.  Ask for the upstairs rooms – they are great! This blog could go on and on.

We have nearly been traveling for one year, and I have to say Tarija is a highlight of my trip. A gorgeous town. Slow internet, and a slow and lazy life.  Fabulous markets – you have to ask as many are on at different days (I went to 3 different ones in Barrios). I have a whole new wardrobe of clothes. Come to Tarija. It really is a place you will love – including the warm weather, and warm friendship!

Questions and Comments
  • Are you a family that permanently travels around the world?
  • Have you visited Tarija Bolivia before?
  • How was the experience?
  • What did you make of their culture?
  • Do share your comments with us below.

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