From sandy beaches to snowy mountains in a day

We have just finished a three-week stay at the bottom of Turkey.  Why were we here? Because we house-sat over 20 animals!  You can read about that adventure here. This morning is a bit of a late start.  The car was mainly packed yesterday, but as we couldn’t leave it parked on the property overnight […]

The Truth About How Santa Started

Explorason is now nine years old. For nine Christmases, Santa has played a big part in the fun of the festive season and our family Christmas. Each year, there are visits to sit on Santa’s lap, with photographs of ‘a man in a jolly red suit with rosy cheeks and a white beard’. And each […]

A Tomb With A View – Pinara

We are off to explore the local area where we have been housesitting in Turkey. I have been researching a few of the “things to see” and have read about hillsides filled with carved rocks tombs, that at first sight look more like elaborate doorways to hidden houses. You might have heard of the book […]

Talking Turkey in Turkey with a Turkey whilst Housesitting

Talking Turkey in Turkey with a Turkey whilst Housesitting So this is Turkey-Lurkey. He is one BIG male turkey, and he lives in Turkey with over 20 – yes 20 – other animals we have come to house sit. Now looking after over 20 animals is in itself pretty unique, but what is really unique is […]

Snow that isn’t cold ? Pamukkale Turkey

Did I just say ” Snow that isn’t cold? ” Yes, I did! Well, is it? Read on! We are in Turkey, and what looks to be icy cold snowy hills. We have read about this place, and have our backpacks ready to hike up the hills. We park the car, and it isn’t really […]

Is this the First Loo with a View ?

We have arrived at Selçuk and it is Saturday night. As usual, we are ‘winging it’, and don’t have a hotel booked as it is offseason. We try a couple and they are both crazy prices for nothing very exciting. But, the minute we walk into the Efes Antik Otel we know we are going to stay […]

Troy, Yeşilyurt, Adatepe Ottoman Villages Turkey

Here are our latest adventures – Troy, Yeşilyurt, Adatepe Ottoman Villages Turkey We have finished our time in Gallipoli, so it is time to drive the car on the ferry from Eceabat to Cannakale. I wish we had time to look around this town, but we want to get to Troy, so “we can’t see […]

Our tears fell where they fell – Gallipoli

We have left Porto Carras Grand Resort and headed from Greece toward the Turkish border.  It was a cold day, but the sky was blue. I loathe border crossings.  I hate the intimidation and the questions, and feeling like a criminal, and how no matter how nice I am, they never smile back.  I also knew that […]

We loved Porto Carras Grand Resort Greece

I can’t believe it is our last two nights in Greece, as we have just had such an amazing few weeks here, and loved it so much.  So we really wanted to finish it in style, and relax and unwind before the hustle and bustle of Turkey. So what better place than a resort in […]

The Mysteries of the Monasteries of Meteora

The air is crisp and cool, and the air is filled with anticipation. And, high up in the air, perched on rock ledges and cliffs, are 20 monasteries that are about to unfold some of their mysteries to us today.  We are about to embark on a hike over several kilometers to discover The Mysteries of […]

Meeting the Mayor – Magnificent Meals and more in Meteora

©Exploramum and Explorason – Hotel Famissi We drove nearly all day, with a 2 hour stop in Ancient Delphi, and then heading on past snow-capped mountains toward the Meteora region. We are booked to stay in a lovely hotel called “Hotel Famissi”.   When we drive in Kalampaka, it appears that Famissi is a popular name […]

Majestic view from Meteoron Panorama Restaurant

We have arrived at Kalambaka in the Meteora region, and the sun is just setting. It is a cold evening and we have had a long day and an even longer drive, but we want to see the pretty lights of the town. So we drive just to the edge of town – pretty well […]