Riding the Longest Alpine Coaster in the World at Naturlandia


©Exploramum and Explorason – Andorra – Naturlandia – Tobotronc – our ride

We have been staying at the top of Spain close the Andorra border.

I picked this location as a place to stay very deliberately.

We had always wanted to go to Naturlandia to ride the longest alpine coaster in the world, and today was the day.

I packed away the passports and credit cards safely in the resort room safe, so as not to risk leaving them in the car or a locker at Naturlandia.

We drove about fifty minutes to one hour to the border, and before we knew it we were surrounded by other vehicles all waiting for the customs and police at the border crossing. Oh no. I had not planned that and thought crossing to this country was like any other in the Schengen Zone, except it isn’t Schengen!

It was about now that I had a mild panic attack. I had no way to turn out of the line-up, and I had nothing with me to get through.  So we prayed, and as we drove through the customs officer got chatting to a fellow officer and waved us through!

A sigh of relief – we were in, but I had to get out later in the day!  I then remembered I had taken out a paper copy and it was in one of the bags in the back of the car, so when we arrived at Naturlandia we dug around in the bags and finally found that.

Naturlandia is set out of the town and up in the hills, so it is a bit of a drive, and you would find it a very long walk.

After we arranged our tickets, we headed to the cafe for an early lunch.  I had a much-needed coffee, and we both bought a reasonably priced bread roll with fillings and sat in the sun on the balcony of the restaurant area and enjoyed it before getting onto the rides.

We selected the “Tobotronc” first. We had made it. Another travel dream come true for Explorason.  Yes, this is the longest alpine coaster in the world!


©Exploramum and Explorason – Andorra – Naturlandia – Tobotronc – the starting place

We lined up and I have to confess I was a bit nervous. I would be the driver and I could see people flying down.

There were no cameras or phones allowed, so we locked away my bag and off we went.


©Exploramum and Explorason – Andorra – Naturlandia – Tobotronc – waiting for our ride up

This is a gigantic roller-coaster in the middle of nature, with its 5.3 km ride.  From a distance, you can see the snow on the mountain. Today is a perfect day.


©Exploramum and Explorason – Andorra – Naturlandia – Tobotronc – the finish

We loved it so much I think we went on it four times all up. It takes about 15 minutes just to ascend to the top, and that is quite relaxing, but the downhill run is the heavy concentration for me, and I felt like we would fly off the tracks we were going so fast.  We would pretend we were whizzing through countries and places we had traveled around the world to see, and this made us laugh so hard.

Next, we decided to climb and zip line.


©Exploramum and Explorason – Andorra – Naturlandia – preparing to zip line

We once again had different equipment than we had used at either Gnomo Park or Parc Aventura.

This was by far the highest zip line I have done, and as I climbed to the top and upon a wooden box, I felt quite afraid.  Once was enough for me going down this cable with the harness, but Explorason loved it.


©Exploramum and Explorason – Andorra – Naturlandia – zip lining

Explorason then wanted a go driving around in the safari jeeps.


©Exploramum and Explorason – Andorra – Naturlandia – preparing to drive the safari jeeps

He did really well at this.  I think we had two or three laps.


©Exploramum and Explorason – Andorra – Naturlandia – driving the safari jeeps

In addition, the park offers a wide variety of activities to enjoy the outdoors, and also an animal reserve where you can learn about wolves, bears and much more. This is in a separate location included in the ticket.

Sadly we ran out of time as I had to return to pack and prepare to drive to Paris tomorrow.

So after our last fantastic ride on “Tobotronc”, we left to drive back to Spain.

When we headed back to the Spain / Andorra border I was once again in a panic not having our passports.  So we prayed again.  We were stopped by the customs officer. But it was because I took the “goods to declare” road, and the man came racing over to check our car.  In it all, he once again got called away, and the passport check never happened !!  Two flukes? I don’t think so.  I think today we had a couple of prayers answered miracles!

Attraction Name: Naturlandia

Location: Ctra. De La Rabassa, Km 8 Juberri, Sant Julia de Loria Andorra

Telephone: (+376) 741 463 – Fax. (+376) 844 963

email: reserves@naturlandia.ad

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Naturlandia.Andorra

Website: http://www.naturlandia.ad

Date visited: May 2015

Child-friendly: Definitely. Height restrictions apply to some attractions


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