Planning Your Trip To Kilimanjaro

Planning Your Trip To Kilimanjaro

Preparing and planning for your trip to Kilimanjaro in Tanzania can be a daunting experience, but not so if you plan well and engage with experience and expertise.

This is so important as I reminisce about our previous experiences climbing mountains and hills all over the world. Each event has been memorable, just as each experience has helped us overcome limitations. They have made us know just how much we can accomplish if we challenge ourselves to do the extraordinary.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is, however, no ordinary challenge. Being the highest mountain in the continent of Africa, we consider it a mountain climber’s ultimate dream.

The best thing about Kilimanjaro is the fact that it does not require hooks and ropes to climb. This makes it safe, less strenuous and fun to climb.  So young and old, rich or not so rich, fit or average fitness can all be accommodated on this amazing mountain.

So now it’s time!

Start going with Planning Your Trip To Kilimanjaro

Here are some of the things to consider as you do your planning:

Trip to Kilimanjaro

©Tiffany Pearce – used with permission – zebras grazing at the start of her Tanzania Kilimanjaro experience


Engaging the services of a professional tour company or guide is extremely important for every mountain climbing experience. But it is also important because this is Africa, and you need an expert who speaks the local tribal languages, and who is experienced in all there is to know about the region.

Your engaged expert when Planning Your Trip to Kilimanjaro is the one who is also the medic who treat your bruises if you get hurt; who teachers you and who respond to every question you ask.  they are the handymen who help carry your bags; they are the cooks who prepare your meals at your accommodation, and they are also the ones who set up your campsites if you use them.

A good tour company for Climbing Kilimanjaro will also provide your guide, or guides – depending on the number of people per group.

Having a guide is critical to your safety, and also provides a sense of security and direction.  It is also important to read reviews and to know that the company you engage is a trusted one that will guide you to a memorable experience.  We used Google to check the name of any safari company we have or wish to use in the future to avert disappointment and advise you to do this when planning your trip to Kilimanjaro.

Trip to Kilimanjaro

©Exploramum and Explorason – experiencing a luxury tented camp in East Africa


Mount Kilimanjaro has numerous routes leading to its peak. As we have been informed, some of these routes are longer or more interesting than others.

Lemosho is one of the routes that excites us the most!  Though longer than the rest, it is praised for its beauty as there are numerous attractions along it. Being a single parent with a teenager, however, means that we have to make a choice that will not drain us of all our energy and leave us regretting the decision, but rather inspires us.  It is for this reason that we might also consider shorter routes like the Rongai route which is closer to the Kenyan border and a more gradual slope.  The Marangu route boasts the famous Zebra rocks, so you may wish to see them too.

Whichever way you chose, you will discover interesting animals, meet amazing people, and explore Tanzania as never before. This is an experience of a lifetime, that you will talk about forever.

Planning Your Trip to Kilimanjaro

©Exploramum and Explorason – relaxing by the campfire


Mount Kilimanjaro climbing is believed to be something that takes days. It is for this reason that there are campsites along the routes. These are the places where climbers take a breather and freshen up before continuing their climb. A place to relax, and to sit by the campfire after a fabulous day of achievement.

There have to be enough campsites for the number of days speculated for the climb. If we choose the longest route, we might have to spend our nights about 8 campsites since such a route takes up to 8 days before getting to the peak of the mountain.

Some routes on Mount Kilimanjaro do not allow camping, so huts are provided along the way and keep this in mind when planning your trip to Kilimanjaro.  I think personally to stay in a hut is more to my desire as it is nice to just arrive and unwind at the end of the day, but each to their own.

You can also arrange to book a luxury lodge or resort for the start or end of your trek to reward yourself for your outstanding achievement.

Trip to Kilimanjaro

©Exploramum and Explorason – friendly Maasai


One thing we really love about East Africa is the Maasai tribal people of the region.  You will meet these lovely Maasai folk along the way and be entertained by their jumping and screeching dances, and transfixed by their colorful traditional clothing and beaded jewelry.

The Maasai people will help make your trip to Kilimanjaro Tanzania memorable.

Whatever you do, don’t forget your camera, and of course, the right hiking clothes and boots to wear when planning your trip to Kilimanjaro.  Remember above all, comfortable shoes will make or break your trek!

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  • How was the experience?
  • Tell us in the comment section below and let us keep talking.

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Trip to Kilimanjaro

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