Top Things For Families To Do On Paradise Island, The Bahamas

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The Bahamas are a great place to visit and a thriving destination for tourists.  Whether it is a stopover on your cruise just for the day or a week-long vacation, there is so much to see and do in The Bahamas.

But for us, I recall spending one of my birthdays there on our world trip and loved it.  Starting in Nassau town and then head over to Paradise Island (also known as Atlantis Island) for the day, or stay for a few nights.

There are also so many places to choose to stay, so make sure to look at all of The Bahamas hotels and resorts available when planning your vacation.

With so many choices of fun activities for all the family, I thought I’d create a list of some of the top things to do that are available for you to choose from, but focusing on Paradise Island in particular.

Top 7 Things to do for families on Paradise Island, The Bahamas

1. Visit the Marine Habitat

Most kids are fascinated with creatures – be they big or small; on land or in the water. At The Marine Habitat, numerous marine animals are exhibited and are there to educate and enthrall your young ones.

This is one of the few places on earth where you can have an up-close encounter with sharks and never fear being bitten.

The thrill of seeing the sharks swim in the aquarium is just so worth it. Other than the sharks, your children will enjoy seeing the turtles and a large species of fish at the Marine Habitat.

The place is also very big, some people end up losing direction, so make sure not to lose the kids! This only shows the magnitude of fun and adventure that awaits you there.

Please don’t forget to do the shark walk. Your children are likely to get scared at first, but as they drag themselves through, it might be hard to drag them out after they realize how safe and amazing the place is.

1. Visit the Dolphin Cay

Everyone is always fascinated by the intelligence exhibited by trained dolphins.

At Dolphin Cay, children and their parents get an opportunity to swim with the dolphins and share these memories with the world as their photos are taken.

Visitors never have to worry about instances of missed opportunities since there are enough well educated and caring trainers to ensure that everyone gets an experience of a lifetime.

A photographer is always provided for every group to make sure that memories last beyond the waters.

It is amazing that people always get to perform up to 5 activities with the dolphins.

To the best of our knowledge, these dolphins are extremely well cared for here and trained with love and attention to meet their health and safety needs. Some dolphins have been rescued.  Veterinary staff is employed to ensure their best welfare too.

Deciding to visit this place will therefore not only bring joy to your kids, but it will always leave you with the satisfaction of knowing that your money was well spent.

3. Versailles Gardens and French Cloister

A relaxed environment is what families need during their vacation to create memorable times.

The Versailles Gardens and French Cloister are in a serene environment that will leave you feeling like you are home-away-from-home.

There are beautiful sculptures which the family can take a photo with. Being in such a place, in fact, inspires creativity among children as they get to clear up their minds and regain their focuses since there are fewer distractions along the walkway.

Security is also not very tight, and this is another reason why you ought not to worry about being denied a chance to breathe the clean and fresh air and run around and enjoy all there is to see in the area.

It really is a beautiful place to visit and a nice stroll from your hotel.

Visit A Local Restaurant

Now, this doesn’t sound like something you would normally put on a ‘Things To Do’ list, but there are so many fabulous restaurants on Paradise Island.

This is a perfect time for your children to sit down, relax and enjoy a nutritious and delicious meal and talk as a family together.

You might be surprised that they actually love some of the delicious cuisines from The Bahamas. Fish is obviously plentiful in the area so seafood is always on offer at a good price.

OR – You can try a meal like sushi which is actually very appetizing and one of the favorite meal of most children.  We loved sushi so much and actually ate it two times in Nassau as well.

Regardless of the meal you order, just make sure that your children enjoy it, and have something to talk about long after you fly out of the country.

Take A Stroll

Paradise Island is full of culture, so make sure you find out if any events are on before you book your vacation like the weekly fish fry or the semi-annual Junkanoo celebrations.

The streets are not congested on the island either. This means that you can enjoy a walk with the children without really worrying about them getting lost among people or being trampled by them. Not to mention that tourism pays the taxes and the locals pay no tax. So tourism is REALLY important here.  We noticed if we wanted to cross the road the cars would even stop and let us over.

The Bahaman people know how to treat tourists!

We especially loved walking along the boardwalk area where the yachts are.  There are some ritzy shops and lovely homewares stores when we went, and it was fun to feel like we mingled with the rich-and-famous.

The paths are great for walking too and the children get a chance to admire monumental buildings and hopefully know the major routes within the Island. Mum and Dad can ogle the fabulous homes that grace the shores as well.

Don’t forget that in The Bahamas, drivers drive on the left side of the road. So be watchful while crossing the road, especially if you come from a region where drivers keep right.

While strolling along the streets, you might also get into different buildings and admire the structures. This is a very inexpensive option when it comes to what to do with children on Paradise Island.

Just ensure that you have money for snacks, food, and drinks as the children are likely to get hot, exhausted and hungry at some point.

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Hit The Beach

You cannot leave Paradise Island without visiting the beach.

It would be easier if the hotel you booked lies along a beach too, as then you get to view the best of the ocean and the sun.

However, regardless of that, just make sure that you go and relax as a family at the beach. It would be amazing to see your children build castles on the sand or bury each other and take pictures of the experience. Just remember, sometimes ‘free fun’ is actually the times your kids will remember and cherish the most.  It isn’t always about paying to take them to something high-tech.

It’s also a perfect time for them to meet and interact with other children visiting the beach.

It will be to just sit and to relax your mind over a cold drink with your toes tucked in the sand looking out onto the turquoise blue waters.

Going to the beach is definitely a win-win for both parents and children.

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Go Swimming or Sliding

It would be quite inexpensive to enjoy time in the water if your hotel has a swimming pool.

It would be a chance to stay ‘indoors’ but still have fun with the children. Try out a few water games such as ‘the lost coin’ to make the experience very memorable.

However, don’t forget to carry along your swimming costumes since you will definitely need them either when you go swimming in a swimming pool or at the beach.

Or head to the Caribbean’s biggest water park called  Aquaventure at Atlantis for a fun day on the water slides. Here you will find 11 pools including 3 kids pools, 20 swimming areas, fun, and dare-devil water slides, and even a mile-long lazy river ride that is interspersed with wave surges and high-intensity rapids.

I am sure there are hundreds of amazing things to do if you are planning a trip to the Bahamas, but these are just a few that we would recommend.

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The Bahamas knows how to welcome visitors from far and wide, and they are waiting to welcome you now.

Questions and Comments

  • What are your top things for families to do in any part of the world?
  • What are some of the sacrifices you have had too make as you traveled, just to make your kids happy?
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