A Clear View Of The Sky

©Exploramum and Explorason - Moroccan desert after sleeping under the stars

Laying in the Moroccan desert on a balmy evening outside our Bedouin tent, we gaze up with a clear view of the sky above us.

Without smog and pollution, the sky seems infinitely brighter with millions of stars forming a milky pattern above us.

It is so breathtakingly beautiful that neither of us wanted to drift off to sleep!

This is a memory I shall have forever because as we travel the world, the memories are sometimes all we can take with us.

©Exploramum and Explorason – Moroccan desert as the sun comes up

But this memory also makes us want to look up to the heavens in our own home one day.

Whether our eyes gaze up at a clear blue sky on a beautiful spring day; or lie on the couch and star-gaze at night, we will always love not just looking out, but looking up.

Roof Lanterns

One way this can be achieved is by installing what is known as a Roof Lantern in your home. This can be plain or fancy shaped and lets in not only light in the day but a clear view of the skies above you from right inside the building.

How cool is that?!

©Exploramum and Explorason – The evening sky of San Marino

Watching The Snow Fall

I shall never forget staying in Romania on Christmas Eve and seeing the snow gently fall thanks to the Roof Lantern that had been installed. Having a boy that eagerly awaited Santa’s arrival meant he could look out as the snowflakes drifted gently in a flurry from above.

©Exploramum and Explorason – Looking out over the rooftops in Romania

Add Natural Lighting

So whether you want to add light to your kitchen and dining, or fall off to sleep gazing at the heavens above, a Roof Lantern (a little like a skylight, but way better) will open your view of the heavens to the serenity that is above.

The Sky Above

Soon we head once more to Africa once more. Here we will even be able to use a jacuzzi bath at The Sands At Nomad Resort under the stars of Diani Beach, Kenya, and go on safari once more in Queen Elizabeth National Park, where we go in search of a pride of lions as the dawn moon illuminates the dusk sky.

Whether it is a view of the sun, moon, stars, or even a distant planet above us, being able to look up and gaze at the heavens will always make us happy.

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©Exploramum and Explorason – looking up at the sky on the roof of our hotel in Zurich, Switzerland


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